Panic As Diamond Bank Nigeria Plc Sacks 600 Workers On Friday

diamond bank sacks 600 employee

May 29, 2016 – Panic As Diamond Bank Nigeria Plc Fires Between 400 And 600 Employees On Friday

Between 400 to 600 staff of Diamond Bank Plc were laid off on Friday.

According to Sunday Telegraph’s investigation, the sacked employees were not officially informed until they got to work on Friday.

Hear what a source at the bank who requested not to be named said:

“The first sign that made us notice something was going on was that many people could not log into their systems.

At first, we thought it was a network problem; but it soon became clear that staff who could not log in had been sacked.”

The source added that CSM and HR people were mostly affected.

“As as at now, we cannot ascertain the actual number of people that have been asked to go but we heard that they are between 400 and 600 and that many Customer Service Managers(CSM) are affected. There had been speculation that Branch Managers were compiling list of people to be sacked but nobody expected that they had chosen the end of May to carry out the exercise.”

20 thoughts on “Panic As Diamond Bank Nigeria Plc Sacks 600 Workers On Friday

  1. Too bad! That is why job security is such a sweet thing, a luxury you hardly get anywhere except in government establishments.

    So, where they paid off? That is all that matters now. I worked with FCMB back in 2010, resigned after one year of dedicated service.

  2. That is the kind of change some section of the country voted for. Do I blame the bank? No for I no more banks may follow suit under Buhari administration.

  3. Pdp was right,days ago pdp informed the public abt this ,even prophet tb fayose also made this known to us last year.
    Apc na Scam

  4. At dis economic situation of da country…
    Dat z why it has been advice 2 always get through d right source in wotever u re doing…
    Dis should be a lesson to all.

  5. Well, thank your stars this happened when we are already in rainy season.
    You can all go back to the farm. *wink.

    I take a stroll…

  6. Buhari is killing Nigeria. He promised 2million jobs annually but now close to the said figure have lost their jobs so far.. Buhari where is 2million jobs you promised? Sad situation.

  7. Immensely bad! Though, they have the right to restructure their business, but they should have given out a communique weeks before this nonsensical climax.

  8. This hardship in Nigeria is really affecting every business organization. What will those sacked employees be doing now?

  9. Change! according to patience jonathan she said that what is change. Buhari u ar killing nigerian oooo! Chaaaaaa! If 2 say we know we 4 no vote 4 (aaaapppccc) apc wahala.

  10. This shouldn’t be happening at this time of the nation’s poor economy…….. May God guide our leaders

  11. d era of change have really affecting so many people now. this is a stupid change oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo God pls help us .

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