Pastor Chris Okotie Sleeping With Emeka Ike’s Ex-wife Emma – Oruma Michael Alleges

pastor chris okotie sleeping with emeka ike wife

March 9, 2017 – Emeka Ike’s Ex-Wife Is Sleeping With Rev. Chris Okoties – Emeka Ike’s Friend Oruma Michael Alleges

After 16 years of marriage, a Lagos Customary court has finally dissolved the much celebrated union between Emeka Ike and his wife Emma.

Emma Ike’s now estranged wife filed for divorce when she consulted with controversial Pastor of Household of God, Rev Chris Okotie for help regarding her marriage problem.

Though many blamed the MOG for the crash of the union that produced four lovely kids, Chris Okotie has come forward to claim innocence.

On the advise of Okotie, Emma is said to be planning to have a press conference on what led to the crash of her marriage and how Emeka Ike humiliated her and turned her kids against her.

The planned press conference which many believe is unnecessary has become a thing of concern for Emeka and his friends.

In order to protect Emeka Ike’s reputation, his friends are said to be bullying Emma into submission.

After Emma was attacked by Emeka’s friend, Felix Duke online last week, his Personal Assistant, Oruma Michael has done the same.

Here is what he wrote on the social media:

9 thoughts on “Pastor Chris Okotie Sleeping With Emeka Ike’s Ex-wife Emma – Oruma Michael Alleges

  1. So true. Maintain your respect though you are divorced but there are kids between you two. Avoid selling your dirty linens to the public . Leave the guy alone and let him look after his kids

  2. I knew the two of them way back. Been a rough marriage wth lots of insult though. I expect they should have grown out this especially for the sake of thosr wonderful kids. Emma has been enduring for a long time. But didnt believe she will fight for divorce. Please sought it out and reunite for your children sake.

  3. There’s nothing to amend she’s gone for good! A Pastor rented an apartment and another man bought her a car, what do you expect? A woman always make a marriage work out not the man.

  4. How many marriages will pastor Chris Okotie wreck and how many girls/women will he bed?. He rented an apartment for this married women and another man bought her a car. That shows you she has been messing around for a long time behind her husband. Emeka Ike should forget this lady. He will get a better woman if he so want. He should concentrate on his children.

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