Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Says Anita Has Anger Problem, Debunks Adultery Allegation

anita oyakhilome anger problem

Sept 4, 2014 – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Says Anita Is Always Bitter & Angry, Christ Embassy Pastor Debunks Adultery Allegation

The man at the center of a messy divorce proceeding has spoken again few days after his wife says her decision to end their marriage is final.

According to close sources who intimated late last night, Pastor Chris allegedly told some key church leaders during a recent meeting that Anita Oyakhilome’s decision to file for divorce is because of power tussle between him and her.

Pastor Chris said when he started Christ Embassy, Anita wasn’t there and when he married her, he only invited her to come over to help him and not to take over from him but as time goes on, she became agitated when he made some key leadership decisions that affected her.

He also said a similar thing during a leadership meeting that held back in May.

Hear what Pastor Chris said about Anita back then:

“I am here for your concerns about the ongoing domestic issue with my wife and I know it affects you directly, being the ones under her leadership. This is not an organization or a political party, so it’s not a place for you to air your opinion or scrutinize what we do.
We had a vision, started and you joined us. If you don’t like what we do, you can get out. Churches where members air their views never grow. Some pastors’ wives think when they marry a pastor they are equal to the pastor.

My wife thinks so, as a matter of fact, Rev. Tom was her pastor before I married her and Rev. Ray and Evang. Owase were her leaders long before I married her. How come she thinks she’s senior to them now? I already started Christ Embassy before I married her.
I didn’t marry her and said we should start Christ Embassy. I was already pastoring. I already set my sail and knew my direction before I married her. I only said come and help me. Be careful of the friends you keep.

My wife keeps friends who bring out the worst in her and help her see the worst in people instead of keeping friends that will help her vision especially as the wife of a global pastor like me.

Bitterness is prolonged and accumulated anger. My wife is always angry and bitter. Allegations are either false or twisted information. The current situation is not as a result of what I did or what I didn’t do.
I didn’t do anything to have caused an upheaval. You don’t join a woman to fight her husband. I’m not teaching you what is wrong, at least I have two girls who will one day marry and I want to them to enjoy it.

So back to the real gist….

Our source told us last night that the Pastor tried all his effort to woo back Anita by sending elders in the church to talk to her but Anita didn’t give them a chance to talk to her… she reportedly walked out on them.

This and many other arrogance-related behavioural patterns exhibited by the preacher’s wife forced Pastor Chris to keep quiet over the matter until some concerned church leaders challenged him.

As we speak now, the man of God is reportedly seeking the face of God on what steps to take about his marital life.

The source said it is obvious the man of God needs a wife after over one year of separation from his wife. #body no be firewood… May God help him.

If care is not taken, this cute Pastor may soon find himself a beautiful wife and the Oyinbo woman will come begging.. Hope it won’t be too late for her then.

25 thoughts on “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Says Anita Has Anger Problem, Debunks Adultery Allegation

  1. I have been reading this divorce thing for the past one month and i though tit just one of those made up story.

    Please I want to talk to Anita can someone please help me get her number
    I need to tell her from experience.

    She has starved her husband sexually for 1 year and the devil has crept into the marriage.

    I really need to talk sense into her brain pls someone shoulld connect me

  2. Only God knows d truth.. When u made urself d president of d church n ur wife d vice president who uv made her d 2nd in command in d church. Whether those pastors wer her whatever z immaterial bc d power of antony has been bestowed on her. However, wateva d case b, Anita u went too far. U should hav considered d implication of ds to ur husby being d general overseer to such a mega church n d church @large.. How can u ppl cancel coupled n preach against divorce in d church if u urselves bcmn divorcees now?

  3. This everyday story about them seems like truth is there cos no smoke without fire, may God heal the broken union and may they remember what they have preached about “DIVORCE”

  4. Who even know if he is only committing adultery, he can also be gay, we can’t just say, I heard he based in south africa now, that’s only what they do there, pls Anita do something fast about the divorce before is too late.

  5. For me i think pple shld talk to pastor Chris first cos d bible said two shall become one this is not matter of Anita met 50 pastors in d church d respect they give him they shld also give her

  6. pls let someone talk to pastor Chris first cos this is not d matter of when he started christ embassy Anita was not there d respect they give him they should also give her for me i think that is cos how can he said so so pastor is senior is wife is not right bible said 2 shall become 1

  7. Silly woman,i don’t know what they preach at church.Have you forgotten the vow you make when you are getting marry that is for better for worse.

  8. with out any sentiment or taking side yet, but i love and believe Pastor Chris, so much that i know he cant indulge in what his wife is accusing him of. I know and had seen so many pastors wife who always equate themselves to their husband( the pastor) when they(the wife) see the church growing big, e.g you will hear something like Rev/Rev Mrs, Bishop/Bishop Mrs,Pastor/pastor Mrs, etc, Women are just to possess with power under the guise of Husband&Wife equal right. Pls if pastor Anita wants to go let her GO, after all she was there when the Ministry Started, let her not be allow to destroy this great Ministry of Pastor Chris. Thank You.

  9. Pst chris u are wrong. You and your wife have become one from the day u married. Don’t let ur pastors deceive you. You and ur wife are occupying the same position. If u are the head she is also the head. B’cos the bible says the two shall become one. I have the simple solution to all this problem. If u want u can contact me. From pst samuel olu-samuel 08027982810

  10. No matter what, did nt she read her bible well. God says He hates putting away,not to talk of divorce(malachi 2.16).This is the effect of living abroad,women dont listen to husbands abroad,they prove equality with husband,system changes them(except some very very little Godly ones among them)even the gentle obedient ones you went to marry from Africa and brought in abroad,will change as soon as she gets here tru bad company.For example in a work place,30 women,only one third has husband.Women prepare for wedding,they dont prepare for marriage and his committment.They dance more than men on wedding day,as soon as they got the ring they begin to misbehave knowing you can t divorce them easily. Women were wonderfully carved out from Adams ribs,they were not created like Adam,so thats the difference.God himself told us men to handle them carefully with wisdom or ur prayers will be hindered 1pet.3.7.Give not your strength to a woman.prov 31.3,Adam was not deceived,it was eve.1tim , men guard your mouth from (HER)who sleeps in your bosom.micah 7.5… We men,we like them,they are wonderful in our lives especially if they support you.Why are wives always not friendly with hubands mother and not thefather inlaw?Women know themselves.women even prefer to have a male boss,if a woman is your boss,theres trouble,on the road while driving women dont give u chance even if you beg them,they prefer male friends bc they wont gossip them or betray them,some dont introduce some of thir friends to their husband.I know of a best lady that married the frinds husband till today.I love women all but with carefulness and caution,even one is not gentle or careful wt them one could misbehave and land in hell.Anita what about a dent in the ministry,dont crash this ministry? Though God cannot crash.Your daughters wont like this.God called Chris,not you.Remember Lots wife who looked behind bc she was not walking side by side with Lot.Lk 17.32..Dont delve into something that d bring regrets later,let not satan rejoice.Every body loves you Anita.

  11. Tears are running down my eyes as I read this… a wife of a renowned Man of God..I think you should set the brightest of examples to other women in the church….I am not judging u…and I know there are two sides to a story but Woman of God…please give your actions a better thought please …For d sake of your beautiful daughters…Please. Guess you know the effects of broken homes on all parties involved especially the children….May God intervene in this crisis… Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. Pastor Chris is one Man of God that I admire and I know behind every successful man there is a brainy woman like you….so please ….think on these things and put the word of God first in your marriage, Thank you.

  12. @ Maya “She has starved her husband sexually…”. I think it’s the other way round. The man left his wife and kids in London and was travelling all over the world in the name of ministry.
    The woman was simply angry because her man was never around. A simple solution would be for him to go back to his family. Live with them, travel with them,care for them, and be there for them.

  13. i dont think anyone is in a position to pass judgement on these two. no one knows exactly what goes on between a man and a woman except the both of them NG your last sentence in this report was biased and uncalled for. no one has the details about this matter except the people themselves.

  14. Pastor Anita nomatter how bad, I’m not going to judge you but remember your husband is a spiritual father. How many souls do you want to discourage, he is a human being all marriages are never perfect but with the bible in your heart I guess you become stronger in every situation and God always provides the wisdom to solve it. We still love you as our mother and you are a woman of God that’s why you were chosen to marry the man of God don’t let the wind blew your calling, submission is the best thing in every situation no matter your title. I’m encouraged by woman of God like Dr Eunor Guti from forward in faith, these are the people of your caliber, you are a human being if you feel challenged I guess those are the people to talk to because you share the same kind of calling. Don’t let people who don’t know and understand your calling ruin you. From the bottom of my heart I love you Mom and pray that God show the wisdom to the situation. I really pray you read this and consider it. You are our mother.

  15. Unfortunately people are blind to the truth. This marriage shown the crack signs years ago. I remember mentioning to my friends way back in 1996 or 1997 that this marriage is sitting on a thin sting that would soon snap, thereafter Pastor Anita was transferred out of Head office first to first to Satellite town and then to London. If you stay that long away from your husband then technically the marriage is over. I am not in support of divorce but i think Sis. Anita just got fed up of playing the role. She wants her life back.
    lets face it and Pastor Chris and all should be true to them selves, these two haven’t had a marriage since the late 1990’s.
    I was in University with Anita in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s and she has always been a Christian. Despite being raised in an orthodox church. And i do not think Pastor Chris would have married an angry woman – i never saw her angry once in the 3 years in university and y room was next to her and i saw her almost everyday.

    Pleas, let this woman be. She just got fed up of playing the role of a wife without being a wife.

  16. Anita i m not happy wit u,how can u allow evil action against ur matter d situation,chris is ur cross n u re chris cross also.people look at u to solve marital problems ,here u want ur marriage to end.little mind and new convert will b ashamed of character u want to distroy a global minisry?sjit

  17. Anita,you are a real disappointment to the the Church of Christ Globally and the womenfolk! With all your level of spirituality,you codescend so low to divorcing your husband.Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a true man of God! He can never do all your allegations,but should in case he does it,your actions and methods are totally wrong and uncultured! Anita,i used to respect you before,but now you are worthless! Pastor Chris is moving forward;the Church is matching on! My dear Anita,you are the loser on all sides in this case eventually! You want to go,PLS GO quick quick!

    • Bimbo, you are so evil. you are one of those women who runs after pastors and believing they have no faults. will you be happy if your husband if you have any, lives seperately from you?. how can you talk like this… shameless woman. “if you want to go, pls go quick quick” and you will take her place? and you probably call yourself a born again christian calling someone you’ve never met or even spoken to ” worthless. Chris cannot move on successfully if he does not put his house in order that you get into your head, go and read what Apostle Paul tells us about leadership. People like you have no heart. gud luck in your own marriage if you are married.

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