Pastor Bans Church Members From Wearing Weaves “It’s For Black Women With Low Self-Esteem”

pastor ban weaves church texas

August 21, 2013 – Pastor Banned Church Members From Wearing Weaves “It’s For Black Women With Low Self-Esteem”

A Texas-based pastor is currently planning to place a ban on church members wearing weaves to service.

In a recent sermon the man of God (name withheld) claims black ladies with low self image wear weaves.

Hear what the pastor told American Preachers;

“Our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying. Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads. I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.”

Ladies, do you agree with him?

Do you think weaves is for ladies with low self esteem or just an added beauty advantage?

16 thoughts on “Pastor Bans Church Members From Wearing Weaves “It’s For Black Women With Low Self-Esteem”

  1. I agreed with this pastor, black women are a shame to themselves, some of them are not even happy to be black , if it is possible , for them to be real white they would, like my friend she spend over two thousand on all sort of creams and weave on , i think is nonsense, we are not proud of our collour at all, we are destroying our skin, and our hair, the chemical is damaging the head of so many women, we need to educate black women to believe in themselves

  2. Some people prefer to buy weave than to eat good food, Remi,Brazilian, Peruvian etc .
    It’s waste of money besides you don’t know the origin of those hair you put on your head .God will deliver us

  3. I almost started believing that man was being a racist. Our natural hair plait is far more beautiful than those stupid weave on. That man was right, you can only be at ur best when you are yourself. Our women don’t know what is right for them, they think they are beautiful when go beyond limit, which they are not. I will never have my gf or wife with weave on her head. I also term it waste of money.

  4. What kind of question is the writer of the article asking? If its an added beauty advantage? I think u are one of those who have low self esteem.Our women should learn to apprc8 God for creatn them the way they are.To most women, wearing weaves is jst normal for them and the new trend of Brazilian n Peruvian hairs is killing our young ladies who resort to any kind of means to one. God help us.

  5. I wonder what kind of life our people are living,…the use of weave is demonic and they are from the pit of HELL….

  6. I’m a lady. I’ve actually sat down and asked myself whether it worths it what ladies put on their heads to look en vogue. I’m not old fashioned. I’m I’m a flight attendant. We ladies should begin to be proud of whom God has made us to be. Moreover, these various hairtypes are got from different sources both demonic and all sorts of evil people and automatically, ladies get initiated into demonic kingdom unconsciously. God save your children from so-called civilization. Amen

  7. I’m in support of the pastor, and all what you people have said so far is correct,there is nothing like originality,personal value of one self is very important,most of them put them on because they don’t know who they are.

  8. To me is waste of money n time, when u fix it on before u go out u must comb it, it will take u like 30mints or more than dat so is nt good .some lady’s sleep with different type of men only to hv dat type of weaves God help us

  9. I’ve been on my natural hair for sometime now,and i discovered dat i look prettier and younger dan when i hv xtension(weavons) nothing is as good bein natural.

  10. Am realy hapi dat our ladies agree wit dis development,only ungrateful pple resort to artificials,i think if xtended to our local churches it wil go a long way in reducing demonic posession.

  11. ℓ̊ dnt like anyting artificial, ℓ̊ hate girls and ladies dat makeup so A̷̷̴̐͠♍ in full support wit de pastor, GOD is not stupid 2 make us 2 be black, can imagine some stupid girls and ladies go 2 de esteem of buying weave of #30,000 just 2 look like rihana or shakira dat is rubbish, ℓ̊ tink de pastor is right 2 stop his member 4rm spending money on neccesary tins.

  12. i hate al ur coments,i mean al ladies coment here. Y pretendin 4 God sake?is it bcos we dnt c ur head here?idiot

  13. Bullshit it’s about what in your heart not your head honestly I’m not 1 for wearing weave but I’m not against most of you people say you agree are probably sleeping with women Hu wear Brazilian and financing them so people who wear make up and weave have better and close relationships with God dan you uh don’t don’t be fooled never judge a book by it cover no1 has the right to dictate people choice of hair to church as long as it appropriate. Like honestly it’s not like der begging you for money and to thoughts Hu are financing it sebi you don pay for the service full stop

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