Photo: Another Man Has Started Trekking From Yola To Abuja To Witness Buhari’s Inauguration

abubakar duduwale

April 28, 2015 – Picture: Another Man, Abubakar Duduwale Has Started Walking From Yola To Abuja To Witness Buhari’s Inauguration

Less than a week after a Buhari fan made it to Abuja from Lagos, another man has embarked on a longer journey to the FCT.

Mr Abubakar Duduwale left Yola city in Adamawa on foot yesterday to be a part of Buhari’s May 29th inauguration ceremony.

The distance from Yola to Abuja is 753.3 km, it takes 11 hours of driving time.

Mr Duduwale is likely to spend close to a week or two on the road if he no do wuruwuru.

7 thoughts on “Photo: Another Man Has Started Trekking From Yola To Abuja To Witness Buhari’s Inauguration

  1. Mr man remember that buhari was sponsored by group of people as a president so he has not fulfilled all the agreement with his sponsors not to talk of given you all trekker’s money, so you better go back and continue the cattle rarer you are doing.

  2. Is no wahala. Since is treking things wey de reign now, OPC is a ready. Ohaneze Ndigbo also is a ready. Even MEND don wears shoe finish. Evribodi will trek go reach that Abuja. Buhari is never see kasala sef. He must give all of us money, as we don trek pass nama.

  3. This seems to be the trend now , why wont it be possible 4 them when some of them could trek and control cows from yobe to umuahia , adamawa to lafia, pple from this part of the country will always show their timidity ,

  4. Make moto no jam u 4 road o! Na children wey u fit born de develope internet browsing softwares. Ur own na 2 trek.

  5. Must u imitate? Why not try something new.just pray u don’t come across boko haram on ur way.abeg quickly make a U-turn back to ur village and continue ur cow business besides the man dat worked Frm lagos to abuja is healthy but u are skinny and ur body will just disappear b4 u walk for 5 hours

  6. Abegiiiiiiiiiiiiii if dem like make dem carry a bunch of broom 4 mouth take am waka go heaven, how does that reduce my transport fare to dubai.

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