Photo: Bridegroom Dies On Wedding Day In Anambra On His Way To Church

groom dies wedding day

August 10, 2014 – Wedding Day Tragedy In Anambra: Bridegroom Dies His On Way To Church

Bridegroom Killed In Motorcycle Accident On His Way To Church On Wedding Day In Anambra

Disaster struck in Anambra state yesterday following the death of a popular vulcanizer on his way to a church wedding.

The groom identified as 38-year-old  Nzekwe Chukwuemeka Barthlomew, from Amekwulu village, Ezinifite in Aguata LGA of the state on Saturday died in an accident on his way to Church for his wedding ceremony.

The vulcanizer who works at Oye Uga area of Aguata was being taken on a motorcycle by his Best Man, one Okwudili from Uga to  the chruch in Ekwuluobia around 9:30am where the bride was already waiting for him.

Half way to Ekwuluobia, an eyewitness said, the two friends ran into a stationary Camry car and the driver of the car suddenly opened the door oblivious of the motorcycle coming behind reportedly on a high speed.

The bridegroom died on the spot after hitting his head on a tiled road while his Best Man who sustained minor injuries was rushed to hospital for treatment.

27 thoughts on “Photo: Bridegroom Dies On Wedding Day In Anambra On His Way To Church

  1. This is realy strang, shocking, and heart touching story, hmmmmm may his soul rest in peace, and may God comfort his family and the heart broken bride to be!

  2. He is **** man of course, maybe the covenant he had with the ogboni fraternity is he will never get married, look at what he just caused that young girl, everything about the eastern nigeria are always negative, may God forgive them for they don’t know what they doing.

    • @bezo the vacuous entity, its hey time people should ignore you,u****** are far better than you, this is my first and last to you

    • Mumu..with mean spirited heart.he belonged to a cult but remain a vulcanizer. He might even feed u with his occupation. Hug an easterner any day if u want to prosper in life.bigot

  3. what a tragedy.o God please have mercy and forgive our sin thay you may fight our course through ur mercy and love Amen

  4. bezo u must be a mad man what does this got to do with eastern’s now, is an accident u fool always making useless comment

  5. You don’t make jokes with tragic stories like this, every comment of urs seems like you’re not a living being, think before you write or post cuz **** .

  6. Bezo, u are a **** 4 making such comment…who made u God?I guess u are in one of d fraternities, since u know their conditions. don’t mock d dead o.besides, U don’t even know how u will die so just **** u call a mouth!

  7. Bezo do u no ****** for calling the man leavin next door to me an ogboni man,are you aware ur generation can be as negetive as u always be? ***!!!

  8. So sad to lose one of my kindred in a ghastly accident.So shocked to come across such a tragic news.Immediately i got wind of the news on Naijagists i called my people back home to ascertain what i read online,behold! that is what actually happened.May his soul rest in perfect peace.Amen!

  9. sad!!sad!!sad!! how will the poor bride feel now,the love of her life is no more her dreams shattered i pity her anyway bcos people will begin to call her names now well oga is so sad that u die this way the day that suppose to be ur day anyway God knows best Rip, madam take heart.

  10. @bezo or wat ever ur name is have been reading ur comment 4 sum weks nw and hav nt make any comment about u.hav ever seen an occult man witout a car.u must be a chronic **** 4 making useless comment

  11. RIP brother and take heart sister God is your streingh for does wicked soul around the village that refuse to help him with car what is your profit now that he has died, I wish you are from my place I should have help you with a car. This what poverty can cost. If this bezo is not a spammer let him told me where he is from. I have exeprince such thing before in my village imaging a grand mother promis and fail a bridegroom car a night b4 his marrage if not by the grace of God that I was at village that day and was even sick but manage to help him then if not the young man could have go church with foot and such an accident can happen to any body this a callup time to change for good.

    Bezo if you are rich pls bring your self low and fill for the poor for I know that you are a kid from all your comments.this brother dead out of poorvaty not cult. Young boy

  12. Bez u are mad .i know him .dont judge him .death is death.u dont know hw u wil die nd wat people will say abt it

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