Photo: Indonesian Man Named ‘God’, Tuhan Ordered To Change Name

indonesian man named God

August 26, 2015 – Picture: Indonesian Man Named After God, Tuhan Ordered To Change Name

A man named Tuhan by his parents in Indonesia has been ordered to change his name in order to have access to public services.

According to local media in Indonesia, the 42-year-old carpenter named Tuhan meaning God has become a focus of public attention in the past one week after a copy of his ID card spread over the net.

Indonesia’s Islamic council Chairman, Abdusshomad Bukhori, said that the man, as a follower of God, “violates (religious) ethics” by using the name and should either change it or add something before or after it.

Abdusshomad has ordered the Civil Registry Office to annul Tuhan’s ID card.

One thought on “Photo: Indonesian Man Named ‘God’, Tuhan Ordered To Change Name

  1. Som ppl could be very daring. In a world where som ppl knw God wit such a reverent fear dat they are afraid 2 mention His name, it baffles 2 knw dat odas are so audacious even 2 give dat heavy name 2 a mere mortal.

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