Photo: Longest Snake Ever Found In Nigeria Killed At Nollywood Actress Daniella Okeke’s House

daniella okeke house

August 2nd, 2015 – Picture: Longest Snake Ever Found In Nigeria Killed At Nigerian Actress Daniella Okeke’s House

Nollywood glamour girl, Daniella Okeke survived snake attack in her home on Friday.

longest snake in nigeria

According to her, the huge monster above was killed in her backyard while trying to digest a rat.

Check out what she told fans  yesterday.

“Am still in shock..but I ve to share dis wit u guys. So dis beast was kill yesterday in my backyard,my house girl saw it resting on my fence after swallowing a big rat and it couldn’t move, so she freaked out and called my gateman who kill it. Dis is the biggest and longest snake I ve ever seen in real life, u needed to ve seen it in real life dis pictures didn’t really show the size, am just so grateful to God for protecting me and my household, I thank God for making us see it cos i wouldn’t ve known der was a beast like dis in my compound. Thanks be to God.End of the story dis men went to roast it and said dis na better meat o madam na wa o. Do u eat snake meat?”.

Her environment needs fumigation.

Thank God this kind of snake didn’t enter her house.