Photo Of Zambian Woman Who Gave Birth To Chinese Baby Boy Goes Viral

February 27, 2017 – Picture Of Zambian Woman Who Gave Birth To Chinese Baby Boy Goes Viral

Confusion As Zambian Couple Welcomes Chinese Baby Boy In Lusaka Zambia

Meet Zambian Driver, Fabio Phiri and his youthful wife, Priscilla Phiri, who works as a maid at China Engineering & Construction ltd.

The couple who recently welcomed a Chinese-looking baby boy are full of thanks to God for giving them an handsome baby boy that has become the envy of many Zambians.

Here is what Mr Phiri, a first time father said about his handsome baby:

Check out what his wife said about the arrival of the bundle of joy:

This youthful couple have left many Zambians in shock as some said it seems that the Chinese contractors don’t only come to make good roads in Zambia, they come to make cute babies too.

21 thoughts on “Photo Of Zambian Woman Who Gave Birth To Chinese Baby Boy Goes Viral

  1. ????????????man please shine ur eyes and go in for a DNA test.The biological father if the child you claim *urs* is at the China Engeneering and construction Ltd. Hold ur wife and she will tell you the secret behind the Chinese baby ????????????handsome though!

  2. And ur father’s child, (her boss) of course keeps sending money for the upkeep of his child. This boy is a big fool!

  3. What is you people problem? As long as the man accept the baby as his own.must you love only your biological children?

  4. Wo man……woe onto man….Look at this innocent man,poverty is really a curse and when you miss it with ignorant…na zombie be that.

  5. a DNA must be conducted to proof the Biological father of the baby, if @ the end its the guy’s baby then it means the woman was spending more time with Chinese or Asians during her pregnancy.

  6. From the husband’s comments above it is apparent that he knew about the union between his wife and her chinese boss. He personally named the child after his wife former boss for assisting them financially even after her boss departed to china,he still sent in money to take care of that chinese looking-baby. But this is abomination! The husband didn’t rebuke his wife for such act,rather he’s very happy for their situation. Its crazy. With his glaring act of approval the husband is gradually turning his wife into a factory for making white babies for foreign workers. Poverty is really a problem.

  7. Since I was small and my mama was born me, I have never see mumu weyris pass away this man. This man is the mumuest man for his contry. The China man wey was help them and even send money was do am bicos he know say the pikin na him get am. But this mumu man think say the China man de help am. No be help o. The China man de care for his own pikin bicos one day the pikin go sabi say his papa is from China. But I am think say the other man was not fit to give his wife belle. So he come leave his wife to carry belle from China Ching Chong. Why was he not told his follow Zambia man to help am give his wife belle so that pipul no go know? The man for even beg me to help am give his wife the belle bicos I no de miss wetin I shoot. When I shoot gbozaaaa, na very thick something. And na very thick pikin is born.

  8. Now I know that Ignorance pass foolishness! This story is bad enough to paralyze ones mind briefly, hey! Where are his people because this nigga is sick!

  9. stop having panadol for another mans happiness,the man and the woman plans it together,thats what they wanted, to get oyibo pikin and to get money from the chines man

  10. I can’t laugh oooo. The husband has spoken well. The boy really really looks like him (even colour wise l!!!! He the husband, must have been the 20th generation of Chinese descendants in Zambia l!!!!

  11. This guy is a very dishonest individual. How can you be happy with something that you know is never yours? he never even tried DNA test. Two things might have happened here, this guy knew well that the China man is the biological father to this baby but turn a blind eye since the man will continue sending money to feed all of them. He is like using that poor girl as a bait to get money from China man. Another reason is, he is incapable to impregnate his wife and sees that as an opportunity to become a father because he is going to be benefited in both ways i.e in terms of money and being a father. A right thinking person knows that something is not right here.

  12. This man obviously knew his wife was sleeping with her Chinese boss and the result is the baby. He said he is a driver, and that means he is not idle but because of money he rented his wife out. There are lots of this in Nigeria and you see them with either Spanish or Swedish, or even English last names. Almost all of them don’t know their fathers and they will tell you “my father is from so and so country”



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