Photos: Bimbo Thomas’s New Boyfriend Opens N35Million Wine Store For Her In Ikeja Lagos

May 13, 2015 – Pictures: Bimbo Thomas’s Fiance Opens N35Million Wine Store For Her In Ikeja Lagos

At last Nollywood actress Bimbo Thomas has gotten her wish from the man of her dreams.

The talented Nollywood actress who recently embarked on a weight loss diet ahead of her upcoming wedding has been greatly rewarded by her fiance.

According to a reliable Nollywood insider close to the actress, Bimbo Thomas’s dream man has lavished a whopping N45 million on her.

She reportedly used 35 million to stock her store while the rest N10 million was spent on logistics, store fixtures and rent.

See photos from the opening ceremony…

Her man must be fully loaded.

Congrats to her.

10 thoughts on “Photos: Bimbo Thomas’s New Boyfriend Opens N35Million Wine Store For Her In Ikeja Lagos

  1. Ladies of today don’t want to suffer, they prefer men with big cash
    Bimbo and others like her not all the glitters is gold

    • Why the lament no body is born to suffer instead of you to praise Lord and tell God to remember you too. just try to correct yourself

  2. Dotun KY and Akeem Afowetin abi na labi, the two both of you are a jeloser of this Bimbo. If you are follow happy when good thing is hapun to sombodi, is hapun to you also. So make you no be jelosing for her.

  3. Y won’t she go for a rich man, wen d poor ones only no how to maltreat dia wives. i no blame her jawe

  4. y wont she go for a rich man wen d poor ones no nofin except to maltreat dia wives. i no blame her jawe.

  5. Congrats to her, I don’t blame her how many women has suffer with their husband at the end of the day
    when they got richer they show their true is you people that will blame her if she the one spending her money on the man

  6. This can only mean one thing: More Deaths On The Roads, Streets, In-house, as more people get drunk and kill others. Typical example of that is Western world.

    We hear cases of “wrong-way” driving killing innocent people. We hear son kill his family member after getting drunk. Remember, victims of this senseless killings curse Wine sellers, liquor sellers, Alcohol sellers and beer seller.

    Be careful Bimbo, don’t let death comes to you while selling this. I am sure there are more decent businesses #35m can do like agriculture, real estate etc.

    I weep for Nigeria.

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