Photos: British Woman Exposes Nigerian Husband Who Travelled To Nigeria To Marry Girlfriend

nigerian man married girlfriend british wife

December 24, 2015 – Pictures:British Woman Exposes Nigerian Husband Who Travelled To Nigeria To Marry Second Wife

How A Nigerian Man, Oladapo David Akingbogun Married To A British Woman, Tracy Akingbogun Secretly Travelled To Nigeria To Marry Girlfriend

Meet Oladapo David Akingbogun and Tracy Akingbogun, a UK-based interracial couple who seems very happy until things went wrong last year.

Dapo married Tracy in 2005 two months after they welcomed their first born.

But in December 2014, Dapo went back to Nigeria to marry his girlfriend secretly.

Tracy got to know when Dapo’s 2nd wife sent her their wedding photos via Whatsapp.

She has sent him packing from her house.

David Akingbogun David Akingbogun

This is heartbreaking! Some men get liver oo.

Take heart Tracy….May God comfort you.

24 thoughts on “Photos: British Woman Exposes Nigerian Husband Who Travelled To Nigeria To Marry Girlfriend

  1. You may not like my comment but the truth remains a Nigerian man from my area can never marry women from foreign culture. He will forever prefer a woman who understand his mother tongue.
    I don’t encourage interracial, inter tribal & interreligious marriage it is not healhty

    • @Omodare Johnson. i find it hard to loose my sleep over people like you or your thought . You are just a **** to human colour. How a dare you ? you think a black skin man can not marry a white woman based on their colour ad culture . Definitely his children will definitely be an outcast to him as well . the fact remains that A CHEAT WILL FOREVER REMAIN A CHEAT . get it into your ***** , Many white woman are peaceful than you black woman.If the fools prefer a black woman , then he should have settled for that and not toying with other people emotion and fathering a child he can not be a father figure to .He is totally a fool. definitely if you marry an ibo woman and he goes to marry his native , you should not complain at .. THAT IS JUST RACISM . Pls keep your prejudice to yourself

    • @ Omodara Johnson, I do not totally agree with your comment, am an american citizen birth, my both parent are Nigerian-(yoruba)I some part of my life in Nigeria before I relocate to america, I have the same thing happened to me when I married a yoruba man in USA, he left me after 2-years and came back to Nigeria-(after he rec’d his resident card), I believed he used her to get stay in U.K which was totally wrong, which I believed mine did, she is right for send his ass packing, she should have him deported like did mine.

      • Dem and Barakat you said it all.Omodara Johnson is just an *****. l am a british by birth. ****** tribe is full of evil and never serious
        David was only interested in the British passport.
        Nigeria ladies of the ****** tribe is very evil and dangerous.
        British ladies very easy going and i admire their sense of homour

    • You discriminate against this couple because of the colour of their skin. But in your life if someone only sees the colour of your skin you will shout racism yet you are the same.

  2. hahahaahaa she has sent him packing from her house…. which means she was accommodating him. POOVERTY!!!! MAY GOD DELIVER NIGERIANS FROM POOVERTY AND EMARASSEMENT… To your tenth Oh Israel,, LET EVERY MAN MARRY FROM HIS avoid uneccessory missundertanding.

    • The house could be one the man pays for. It is the way it works in Britain that the woman sends you out of the house whenever she feels like it. The guy probably needed to marry her to get papers…it is survival. No biggie.

      Western nations kill for oil and sell guns for people to kill themselves…it is survival. No biggie.

  3. Omodare Johnson.i am yoruba married to white for 21 yr,dont say that.i know yourba men marry to yoruba woman,still went home,and marry another woman,keep her in house,his wife ,they surfar together.later new woman in naija move into house is naija wife and buy car,sending kids money down to give another woman at home. so woman,send him away and milk him dry,in western world u cant marry more than 1 wife.

  4. Make I giving pipul sense for here. If you be oyinbo woman and you know say you are dey fat, make you know say any Nigeria man weyris told you say he love you na wayo he is have for mind. Is bicos Nigeria mens no fit love fat oyinbo woman bicos fat oyinbo woman no dey like something. I was tolding pipul this thing but they was not gree. So I come close mouth. Oyinbo girlsake you read wetin I am say here so that you go dey wise like me. I get sense o.

  5. African men are polygamists, it is in their DNA. A white woman bears the risk of her husband marrying a second wife. We black women have accepted this fact (unless you are deceiving yourself). Monogamy is not part of African culture, is the remnant of colonization by the White man. Most of our men come from polygamous homes, or their fathers fathered children from outside of their marriage. If you don’t want to share your man, stick with your fellow white men.

  6. Ole (thief). Olojukokoro (greedy pig). Used that poor girl to get stay then went to marry some girl ‘from home’. What these ‘home’ girls do to them eventually is that they milk them dry then chase them out of the house (as the UK government will give the house to the woman anyday anytime) – whether he is the one who paid for it or not. Someone tell Tracy to keep cool. He will soon get his comeuppance. Fool.

    • Do you know what Tracy has been doing to him all these years? Afterall she has also gone to sell her story to a newspaper to make money. Don’t judge anything by looking at only one side.

  7. why the man didn’t mari the girl friend from day one @ OMODARA JOHNSON let call a spade a spade the man is a bloody gold digger.

  8. Omodare Johnson – I am a foreign woman married to a Nigerian man. Sadly you lie even about your own people. Maybe you have been in your hut for too long you have no idea of whats happening outside. Your comment shows you are just so shalliw minded. You still live in the 14th century wake up and smell the coffee. No one marries for language. People marry for love. I live in Dublin. I know many Nigerians with 3-5 children with foreigners. So you lack knowledge
    My marriage is sweet and its been ongoing since 1994. Our eldest daughter is 21!
    @Bench – now thats so ***** to think fat women cant be loved. Again use the window n peep out and see the world!

  9. You all talk shit. Do you all know what this dude is facing in the hands of that white woman. I believe he is a victim of circumstance, in other not to loose out finally in life, he decides to take a bold step. Live him alone, no one should be one sided on matters of the earth, especially when you dont live with the victims.

  10. omodare..this people don finish you here oo..lwkmd…no comment again abeg..cause they gon crucify you this time round ..smh

  11. omodare Johnson …these people don finish you for here ooo..lwkmd…no comment again cause they gon crucify you this time round.

  12. The guy probably needed to marry her to get papers…it is for economic survival. No biggie.

    Western nations kill for oil and sell guns to those who kill their own people …it is for economic survival. No biggie.

  13. Love and true affection is stronger than racism, we ought to identify the right person who truly cares and love us more than possession or monetary values and spent the rest of our life in love with her.

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