Photos: Church Of England Appoints Nigerian As First African Bishop In 20 years

church of england nigerian first african bishop

December 22, 2016 – Pictures: Church of England Appoints Nigerian As First Black Bishop In 20 years

The Church of England has announced Nigeria’s Woyin Karowei Dorgu as the 13th bishop of Woolwich.

Dorgu, the Church’s first black bishop in 20 years, will be consecrated at Southwark Cathedral on 17 March, 2017.

Woolwich where he is to superintend over has a huge Nigerian population but the Guardian reports that most of them worship in black-majority Pentecostal churches rather than with the Church of England.

The church described him as a person who:

‘‘Has a deep concern for mission and regularly leads open-air evangelism in his parish and has seen his church grow remarkably.

‘‘He is much involved in the life of the Church Primary School in the parish where he has been Chair of Governors and supports staff and pupils. He is married to Mosun who is a Consultant Child Psychiatrist,’‘ they added.

6 thoughts on “Photos: Church Of England Appoints Nigerian As First African Bishop In 20 years

  1. Nigeria as a country has great men and women all over the World but her greatest problem is to come together and work as one nation, no patriotism. Congrats as this cunny/crafty people allow you to handle that post, but be careful as they can easily frame you for wrong doing… may God guide you.

  2. Does that make Nigeria special status to be higher before the God of Universe. Enough of this foreign glorification. Let God reckon with you self.

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