Photos: Dead Polish Woman Wakes Up In Mortuary 11 Hours After Death

polish woman wakes up dead

Nov 14, 2014 – Pictures: Dead Polish Woman Janina Kolkiewicz Wakes Up In Poland Mortuary 11 Hours After Death

A 91-year-old grandmother identified as Janina Kolkiewicz is a proof that miracles are real.

Last week Thursday, the 6th of November, she was pronounced dead by her family doctor and was taken to a mortuary where her corpse was placed in a body bag and stored in the mortuary storage.
dead woman wakes up poland

To the surprise of the mortuary attendants, 11 hours later, Janina woke up from the dead.

The staff noticed movement in her body bag while it was still in storage, unzipped it and discovered that she’s back to life.

She complained of feeling cold and returned to her home in Ostrow Lubelski, Poland same day.

What a miracle!