Photos: Heavy Rainfall Caused Flooding In Lagos Today


heavy rainfall flooding lagos

Feb 23, 2015 – Pictures: Heavy Rainfall Caused Flooding In Lagos Nigeria Today

A heavy downpour that hit Lagos for close to an hour has caused serious traffic issue in the state.

A Twitter user based in Egbeda today tweeted these photos of the aftermath of a 45-min rainfall that caused flooding on Akonwojo road.

Several other areas in Lagos were affected by the flood. The bad drainage system in Lagos contributed to the flooding.

See more photos of Lagos earlier today…

Lagos State Government should work on improving the drainage system in the state.

4 thoughts on “Photos: Heavy Rainfall Caused Flooding In Lagos Today

  1. Is this the change there are crying pls vote wisely pls vote pdp becos if u come to pdp state u not see these type of a thing e.g. Akwaibom we hv underground drainage all over the state including the local gov’ why will people be suffering in 21st century vote wisely.

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