Photos: Kenneth Okonkwo’s Wife Gives Birth To Baby Boy In Maryland USA After 9 Years Of Marriage

kenneth okonkwo wife gives birth baby

May 8, 2016 – Pictures: Kenneth Okonkwo’s Wife Delivers Baby Boy In Maryland USA After 9 Years Of Marriage

The family members of Nollywood actor, Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo are currently jubilating for the miracle of conception and safe delivery.

Ifeoma Okonkwo, the beautiful wife of the veteran actor put to bed in the United States on Friday May 6th 2016.

Mr & Mrs Okonkwo welcomed their handsome Prince at St Joseph Medical Center in Baltimore Maryland after over 9 years of marriage.

Hear what the elated first time father told Diamond Celebrities:

 “God is a faithful God. He said we shall be fruitful and multiply, that there shall be none barren in our midst and He just fulfilled His words. To Him be all the glory in Jesus name”.

He also used the opportunity to thank his prayer partners for standing by him and his wife all this while.

God is indeed a prayer answering God. We use this as a point of contact to others in the same situation, may God answer their prayers as well.

See more photos of Kenneth Okonkwo and his wife at the hospital.

kenneth okonkwo baby boykenneth okonkwo wife baby boy

Congratulations to the couple.

50 thoughts on “Photos: Kenneth Okonkwo’s Wife Gives Birth To Baby Boy In Maryland USA After 9 Years Of Marriage

  1. Congrats dear Gods time is the best.hi naijagist I have decided to start commenting after 4 years of coming here reading news and leave with no comment I felt I needed to contribute..

    • Ify Emelda, is a good thing say you was disided to commented bicos I will lerning something from you. Many things o. And you will also lerning something from me also.

    • Good decision, I came here 2 years ago too but I don’t comment all the time
      I feel the need to but sometimes am too lazy to type

  2. I tap into this on the very behalf of my uncle’s wife who, for 16years now, is still childless.

  3. Baba born boy , well done , i like the guy is a very good actor, he projects his roles well. God bless you and your family.

  4. Congratulations, we rejoice with you and your family. You are a real and an exemplary man. Most men would not stay, by their wife during her time of waiting.Congatulations,God bless your family.

  5. Indeed, to God be the greatest glory. Congratulations to MR & Mrs Kenneth Okonkwo. I wish you and your beautiful bouncing baby boy all the blessings in this whole wide world. THANK YOU GOD ALMIGHTY. PEACE & TRANQUILITY ALL THE WAY, AMEN.

  6. Congratulations big bros may God give you many more children as you may desire to more delay in Jesus name… Amen

  7. May dis blessing be as a point contact to every woman dat is looking for d fruit of d womb, May God who made it possible for u, meet them all for d same Blessings in Jesus Name Amen.

  8. Congratulations Mr keneth,but i still can’t understand why people take pride in their wives delivering abroad,it just doesn’t make any sense bt rather a ridicule on our father land.All these are reasons why i want donald trump to win,So all this will stop.

  9. Miracle God, thank you Jesus for your answered prayers. Kenneth, you are good man, you endured till 9years. Congratulations and God bless your home.

  10. KEN is a nice guy. Very witty. You always learn something from him. Love and patience go hand in hand. Thank u Lord.

  11. So sweet, congratulations to u both, so happy for u guys.
    It a beginning of good things in ur lives.

  12. Am soooo happy for the both of you, may the good Lord provide more children. Thanks for waiting upon The Lord

  13. What a faithful God!!!! Il tient à ses promesses, même si elles tardent à s’accomplir! Thank you lord…

  14. congrat my noble actor am happy for you God is really gr8, like Fisherman said, if it were some men they would have looked for another woman and have children by her for them but you patiently waited for GODs time and stood by your wife u are a GODs sent have a happy family and may God continue to bless you guys with many children twins for that matter amen congrat again

  15. Congratulation Baby Boy you are welcome. God is faithful to those that believe in his word. I rejoice with you gays.

    God bless our baby boy in Jesus Name, Amen

  16. Congrate it is d Lord’s doing.May he keep him alive and may his destiny be fruitful to u and your family.

  17. Me too it’s been two years since I got knew dz website but haven’t bn I will.

  18. Congratulations to you both, God’s guidance and protection upon the new born, twins will follow him in no time, the door has opened, soon your home will be filled with beautiful babies .

  19. Me too it’s been two years since I got knew dz website but haven’t bn I will.

  20. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Okonkwo. The God of Abraham you’ve continually called upon has honoured you. Keep in His Faithfulness for He WILL do more in Jesus Name.

    Your children WILL surround your table and in good health and divine wealth SHALL you behold your children, children.

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