London Returnee Ray Ugba Morphy Who Donated Hotel To Catholic Church Turns Napep Operator


nigerian donate hotel catholic church

September 28, 2015 – Picturess: Nigerian Man, London Returnee Dr Ray Ugba Morphy Who Donated Hotel To Catholic Church Turns Napep Operator

In August, a London returnee, Dr Ray Ugba Morphy donated his hotel to a Catholic church in Nasarawa.

The man who claimed that his intention is to make a difference in the life of the less privileged decided to ride a Tricycle (Keke Napep) round town to know how the streets feel like.

He took to this official FB page to share his story:


“I am back and I had a lot of fun today cruising the city as a keke Operator!Lots of fun carrying passengers to their destinations and then refusing their money.

Come and see surprise, consternation, wonderment and even fear!Moreover, I had a blast speaking to passengers with an Oxford accent. Some pitied me when I told them I just returned from UK and since I had no job, I took to keke riding.

Come and see sympathy. Ordinary Nigerians are truly kind and loving people! God bless you all for your kind hearts!

It was fun and I had the pleasure of sharing and interacting with people I would never had met otherwise! Glad I had the brainwave to do this.

A couple of females even shed tears of sympathy for me. They were sad that I came back home from abroad only to become a keke Operator! Women can be so kind!”

Dr Ray has a lot of investments across Nigeria.

I hear he owns 6 hotels in 5 different states. He is based in Abuja.