Photos: Manatee, Sea ‘Monster’ Caught On Nigerian River Butchered By Fishermen As Florida Rescues 3

manatee caught nigeria

May 19, 2016 – Pictures: Fishermen Catch Manatee Sea Cow, ‘Monster’ At Obuama River Degema Rivers State Nigeria

Manatee, Sea Monster Caught On Nigerian River Butchered By Fishermen As Florida Rescues 3

A huge herbivorous marine mammal has been caught in Nigerian waters.

The large aquatic animal popularly called Sea cow (Manatee) was tagged a monster by some fishermen in Obuama area of Degema in River State yesterday.

The poor marine mammals was tied and butchered as the fishermen feasted on it right away.

On Wednesday, 3 Manatees were rescued on a beach in Florida.

manatees rescued florida

manatees rescued florida

They are currently being rehabilitated at SeaWorld.

The unlucky Manatee that wandered away to Nigerian waterways was butchered immediately. See photos…

13 thoughts on “Photos: Manatee, Sea ‘Monster’ Caught On Nigerian River Butchered By Fishermen As Florida Rescues 3

  1. Africans in general have no sense of preservation, they believe in now and don’t think about the future that is why we are suffering in africa today
    May God help us

  2. Nigeria no dey carry last. See the creature that is being pampered in white men’s country, is what they have already butchered immediately it was caught in Nigeria river. I no fit laugh!! Look at how the other man is sitting on it. Chai Naija.

  3. Hahaha! This is yet another proof that Nigeria is largely a consumer nation. No time. Person wey never chop de preserve something?

  4. Men I jus dey laFf wen e reach naija own,sharply e don turn suya for naija or pepper soup.
    Kai its disgusting,wtf,one day dem go catch big shark,butcher am.
    At times I feel we nigerians are Mr Bones in reality searching for what does not exist.
    Imagine the care and love and dedication shown from the whites,they don’t mind the smell that follows it,or the pain or how much they try to keep it alive,infact its non of dia damn busineSs,they only do their job cause they getting paid fully,nothing like na una make dis sea fish die,no salary for una.I go make sure say I punish una,but never they don’t do such cause there’s little or no corruption there.all they want is their salary or maybe the love and passion they have for the job. But in Africa especially naija,corruption,egbunje,mowi hamma,has eaten deep into the hearts of the common man,dat rather than rescue and report to the agencies in charge,that’s if there’s any in naija,our bush man greedy approach was to butcher it and tag it a monster,I’m sure they would have started distributing it to diff states now and tag it fish.I blame buhari for this,corruption is like sand,we step on it,we clean it,we wet it,we use it,we throw it away,but it always come back to us,we live with sand,we have our bath to wash away the sand,we we go out and sand touches us,in our pockets,shoes,its in us,sand is corruption,we grew with can never be wiped off the face of nigeria.
    Its end time.
    Now its gone social,I mean everything that haPpens in this era is Digital,very soon it would be automatic uploading….wtf.

    • Look @ you …..its a mtter of cicvilization stop this Ur bleming thing. All ur write is okey but you spoilt it when you start bleming

  5. It is not just hunger, something went wrong with Africans in the beginning of time. We have unimaginable tenacity for bull shit!

  6. What do you guys expect from fishermen who had toiled all day and caught nothing and at the end of the day, their tireless efforts was rewarded with a fish bigger than an ordinary fish? And somebody is talking about preservation that is not in their dictonary.
    Huhumm… Funny.

    I take a stroll…

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