Photos: Meet Anthony Joshua Baby Mama, A Stripper, Pole Dancer & Son, Temiloluwa Prince

anthony joshua son

May 9, 2017- Pictures: Meet Anthony Joshua Baby Mama, A Stripper & Pole Dancer & Son, Temiloluwa Prince Joshua

Meet Nicole Osbourne, the longtime girlfriend of British Nigerian boxer Anthony Joshua.

The on and off girlfriend of the boxer delivered the couple’s son, Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua back in 2015.

She reportedly met Joshua at Kings Langley school in Watford. One thing led to another, she took in.

After giving birth to the couple’s first child, they decided to give their relationship a try but it didn’t work out.

She works as a stripper, pole dancer and a yoga instructor.

When her story broke on the social media  yesterday, many Nigerians slammed Mr Joshua for dating a stripper.

anthony joshua baby mama stripper

5 thoughts on “Photos: Meet Anthony Joshua Baby Mama, A Stripper, Pole Dancer & Son, Temiloluwa Prince

  1. As social media dents our younger generations image so as baby mama saga will tear the young upcoming youngmen whom we hope that will take care affairs of the nation..our moral,culture and tradition has evapourated to thin air.make una kwontinue

  2. “married a stripper” and then? beside she’s pretty AF and won’t stab his hobby unlike most *******.

  3. Let us stop deceiving ourselves, in the eyes of some she might not be seen in a positive light. But at least she earns her living not by stealing and embezzling governiment funds or swindling the vulnerable in the name of religion. I would also want to point out that one of the most powerful men on the planet also has a partner with a similar background. Lets remove the rock in out eye first before trying to remove the grain of sand in our friend’s eye. I think we should take a closer look at ourselves before passing moral judgement on others

  4. I worked in the same gym as Nicole. It disgusts me that she is being described as a stripper!when everyone else left the gym to go home or go to a bar or club at the weekend. She would decline and train and train so hard. I have never seen someone so focused! Her strength and grace were incredible. Makes me so angry it is implied she was a pole dancer in a seedy club! We worked in a gym! She taught others how to keep fit! My 10 year old daughter watched her and said she was a princess! She was also one of the most friendly, elegant women I have met. So quick to judge! Pole is a sport to thousands of women. She spent hours and hours on the sport ! Her focus and strength were and are inspirational.. people should get their facts straight!!!

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