Photos: Meet Ashanti Elliott Girl 11, With Alopecia Aging Disease That Makes Her Look Like Grandma


ashanti elliott smith

Oct 30, 2014 – Pictures: Meet Ashanti Elliott Smith Girl 11, With Accelerated Aging Disease Alopecia That Makes Her Look Like Grandma

Pictured here is a very kind-hearted eleven year old girl identified as Ashanti Elliott Smith battling a rare terminal disease, Alopecia that makes her age faster than normal.

Alopecia disease also causes several growth stunt, weight and hair loss, heart disease, wrinkled skin and stiff joints.

With this rare accelerated aging disease, she may not live past age 15.

Ashanti is currently enrolled at Oakmeeds College in West Sussex England

Her father has been jailed for stealing from the charity fund donated to her.

See more photos of Ashanti Elliott Smith below:

Heya!!! wishing her well. Dis life self!