Photos: Nigerian Banker Who Fell In Love With Customer Tells Love Story

nigerian banker dating customer

Feb 2nd, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Banker Dating Customer Proposed To Her

Henry: I am a staff in one of the Nigerian Banks and on this faithful Wednesday morning I had to attend to a lot of customers on the queue alongside my colleagues.

Lo and behold i saw this beauty (omalicha) on the queue. I wanted to be the one to attend to her so I quickly rushed the people i was attending to and gbam, she was in front of me. I said a quick hello and she replied with a very formal tone and before i knew what was going on she had left.

But as fate would have it she kept coming to the bank for one transaction or the other due to the nature of her job and that’s how we became friends. I would always complement on her dressing, her nails or hair when she’s around cos i love to see that smile on her face.

Though she was already in a relationship at that time but i never gave up. Some way, some how she agreed to go out on a date with me and there and then she opened up about so many things ,that was when i knew she was the one …i just felt it
Her calm yet ‘stubborn’ acts was what actually attracted me.

Grace: Okay my job demands that i visit the bank on a regular. I never noticed him until he started throwing complements at me whenever am around. If its not my hair its my nails or anything then i was forced to notice him.

I sha gisted my besty bout him and she told me she knew him and that he had actually been begging her to introduce me to him but she didn’t know how to tell me cos i was sooooo not interested in ‘man’ wahala to think i was even in a complicated relationship at that time.

After all the shakara i agreed to go out on a date with him and then i got to know him better. I found him really attractive but just needed to be sure and take my time so i still did small shakara even after the date.
After much thinking and waiting and prayer, i decided to give it a shot. The beginning of our relationship wasn’t all that rosy but each time we tried to quit we got a hundred other reasons why we shouldn’t and here we are today. Doesn’t even feel like we have ever quarrelled…lol
His sense of humour and jovial nature attracted me to him.

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  2. Congrat my guy.If I may ask re u sure u can manage dis cryfish?Oh boy dis no be small thing o,I pray sha may God help u.Moreover,nothing must happn 2 my money in my acct. In ur bank oo.Lol

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