Photos: Nigerian Student Ufot Ekong Breaks 50-Year Record, Graduates With 1st Class From Tokai University Japan

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May 16, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Student Ufot Ekong Breaks 50 Years Record, Graduates With 1st Class Degree, Best Overall Student From Tokai University In Tokyo Japan

Meet 30-year-old Ufot Ekong, a Nigerian who recently graduated from Tokai University in Tokyo, Japan as the best overall student.

This is the first of its kind since 1965.

Ufot built the vehicle below

Ufot’s mother during a visit.

Check out his long list of achievements below:

(1) Won Japanese language award for foreigners

(2) In his first semester, the brilliant guy solved a mathematical equation that couldn’t be solved 30 years ago

Ufot has 2 patented products bringing him money.

The brilliant Naija guy who sponsored himself in school with 2 hectic jobs is now working with Nissan.

He is also doing his Phd part time.

WOW…. Naija gets talent!!!!!!

33 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Student Ufot Ekong Breaks 50-Year Record, Graduates With 1st Class From Tokai University Japan

  1. the sad thing is that many more like him are still stranded in villages today, they have no financial capability to secure admssion in places like Japan


  3. …..Did I hear someone say Japan!…this guy must surely be a genius for learning the Japanese language and subsequently acquiring a first class honours.
    Welldone to you. Many thanks to “Abassi” for making this day come to pass. Abassi is indeed a great God!

  4. He is an Akwaibomit,this is one of the uncommon transformation that my governor use to say. God bless Nigeria god bless Akwaibom state.

    • Forget about the empty uncommon transformation slogan that did not take us as a nation anywhere. How much did Gov Akpabio send to the young man to ameliorate his suffering when he was doing two odd jobs to make ends meet while studying. All he was busy doing was to donate brand new Prado SUVs to celebrities. Misplaced priorities! Thank you, young man for making yourself, family and nation proud. May God keep you long to enjoy the fruit of your labours. Bless you!

  5. Congratulation. I’m happy for you and I thank God who made you to be what you are today. you’ve made us (Akwaibomites) to be proud. Amenam, obong udiong fien ye ufok mfo. More greese to your elbow.

  6. Dis is wat is calld achievment, unlike wen we see things like Bimbo flaunts her car, or Tonto Dike shows off her Rolex.

  7. This is the few out of many of what a product of green white and green can do in the global world. I now ask what stops us here in Nigeria for the government of this nation to put the standard learning facility here in this country, so we can produce more fine brain? If not that the nation misplace priority.

  8. God bles like Nigerians like u that still keep our flag flying unlike oda Nigerians in foreign lands who break our hearts in tarnishing our image by d**g trafficking. More success for u ijn, the sky aint holding u back

  9. This is another great Nigerian boy, Making Nigerians proud globally, I salute you, Bravo brother, Bravo…. Enough of drug carriers and pushers, Enough of Yahoo yahoo.

  10. @Amanda likewise m̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ ,when ℓ saw ∂ first pix ℓ said ι̥ș it dis old man? ∂ agbada was v̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊я̲̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ confusing. Congratulations Bro ∂ lord ι̥ș ur strength.


  12. Congrats Ufot,more Grease To Ur Elbow.Ride On,u Hav Made A History In D World.Nigerians Are Proud Of U. Congratulations

  13. @ debby you are right there are many like him who are still in the village due to financial problem people like me who are brilliant who are capable of coming out the best but are still sitting home because help seems to be a thousand miles away from them I pray for God’s divine help trough christ our savior AMEN

  14. who is 30 yrs old here, because the people I am seeing here are all over 40… If it is the Man in white kaftan .. then I am sorry. He is not less than 45….. Please check the age well or maybe he also has a patent for ‘over age syndrome”

    • @Mr William what is age got to do with this record breaking!U should try & appreciate people who are good & better than u.U’r comments smacks of envy.

  15. As far as this great country is ruled by the Northerner, forget sponsor, no support for human development, that is what the British wants. Tinubu and Co have just made it possible,God help us all.

  16. Bravo Ufot: Always remember, we need people like u in this part of the world (Nigeria) where Economy is down awaiting future generation to rebuild. Gather momentum abroad to rebrand Your country especially Akwa Ibom-Your state, in terms of industralization… Fly on Eagle’s wings.

  17. Congratulations dear Ufot Efong, I’ve always known you to be a rare germ and indeed you are blessed. Keep up the good work and may God enrich you with more wisdom in Jesus name Amen.

  18. knew this man from way back in Nigeria he was head boy in my secondary school The Bells, keep being a belite and let the flag keep rolling congrats uffy your sure a legend in your own way this is sure the least of your achievements to come by.

  19. Can any good thing come from Nazareth? Come and see!Congrats Ufot. May God preserve you from all evil and make you a blessing to your generation. God bless!

  20. I was very impressed when I heard the news on radio,Nigerians are blessed,it was not surprising, we have the Imafidon twins, the Philip Emegwali and the host of others who have made and still wining trophy for our great nation,I knew what I went through to secure 1st class position in my department, yet I didn’t see it,I salute your courage,had work and remarkable achievement,history like this is commonly heard in the the USA,UK, but its rear in Asia continent.I hope to see up there one day,congratulations.

  21. @sammy thomas,i buy your comment,akwa ibom need transformation in the area of industrialization.congrt my broder ufot ekong.God bless u.

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