Photos: Nollywood Actor Bruno Iwuoha In America For Eyes Surgery & Diabetes Treatment

bruno iwuoha surgery america

August 14, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Actor Bruno Iwuoha In The United States Of America (New Jersey) For Eyes Surgery & Diabetes Treatment

Few weeks ago, veteran Nollywood actor took to the airwaves to seek for help for his failing health.

On a radio program in Abuja last month, the actor said he has lost his sight due to untreated diabetes and solicited for help from Nigerians.

The story went viral when a source at the radio station contacted for help in publishing it.

As we speak, a US-based Nigerian, the founder of Morgan Entertainment, Emeka Morgan Nwanne Oguejiofor Junior has sponsored Mr Iwuoha to the United States for treatment.

See more photos of the actor on his hospital bed in New Jersey.

Mr Iwuoha is still soliciting for help because doctors said he can’t work for at least one year.

If you will like to contribute, please contact him at 08033182857 or 08079978484 during the day time.

Wishing him quick recovery.

God bless Mr Morgan and others who have contributed to Bruno Iwuoha.

7 thoughts on “Photos: Nollywood Actor Bruno Iwuoha In America For Eyes Surgery & Diabetes Treatment

  1. Those actresses and actors flaunting state of the art vehicles, why not get together and help this man? Where is the love and charity you normally preach? Na to buy designer stuff only una sabi, mtcheew!! Nollymean!

  2. Do you know how much is involved ? At least in the Industry,there should be some sort of provisions for such emergencies …so cut the issue of children out of this …
    May God grant you (Mr. Bruno) a Successful and Safe Surgery .we await your Return with Smiles IJN: Amen!

  3. Mr Emeka Morgan,GOD Almighty will so much bless u in all u do,and enlarge your coast and territory ,u will never no lack,including your children children, for d help u are giving to Mr Bruno iwuoha,I wish others will emulate your ways and showing love,care and mercy to people.GOD bless u again….I wish Mr lwuoha great and fast healing recovery in Jesus name. Amen

  4. @ Taofeek Jibowu, what has his children got to do with this? Do you know if his children are still very young. I just don’t like the way you guys talk sometimes. If you don’t know what to say just shut up and mind what you say.

  5. Oh Lord i bless you holy name, for word says” Therefore I say unto you, whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you will receive them, and you shall have them.”
    Daddy, I thank you because you answer my prayer on Mr Bruno Iwuoha, Father, complete your work in any area he might need your divine touch in Jesus name(AMEN)
    And for you MR Morgan, I stand as a Prophet from the Lord, I decree from heaven you will not know sorrow, heaven will stand for your help in any time you are in need of help in Jesus name(AMEN), I will have a special prayer for and that my friend reporters.

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