Photos: Nollywood Actress Inem Peters Wears ONLY Bra To Birthday Party

nollywood actress inem peters

Oct 22, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Actress Inem Peters Wears ONLY Bra To Birthday Party

Budding Nollywood actress Inem Peters got tongues wagging over the weekend when she stormed X-Factor lounge in Surulere Lagos wearing only bra for her birthday party. See photos

Which kind fashion be this???? #This birthday girl no get shame o

33 thoughts on “Photos: Nollywood Actress Inem Peters Wears ONLY Bra To Birthday Party


  1. Aaahhh.!!! Their desribtions as “People who eat stones and refuse to drink water” is perfectly in order”. They have always tried to represent the odd side of Western culture without shame. I wonder if their parents in Innewi, Onitsha and across the East know what they do with their lifes in Lagos. Their male counterparts even engage in worse atrocities in Lagos and across the entire Nigerian territories and beyond. I wonder if they think civilisation is in representing the Western dress code in Nigeria. What a SHAME.

    • so ur folks are all angels? ur just a tribalist, pple like u should be wipe****of this planate, hater die very fast, *****gi.

  2. nigerians mostly don’t have a sex education,she is not naked,there is puttin on it,fashion its a choice.all fingers can’t be the same.

  3. She is hot and beautiful. One of the finest upcoming actress. Moreover that’s not a bra, it is a top like a bra.

  4. She is a first class idiot and bad sheep of Ibo’s family if she is really an Ibo’s girl… I’m ashamed of u, your family is ashamed of u, Ibo’s is ashamed of u and Nigerian as a whole is ashamed of u… Idiot

  5. Wow! Wats more? If only i was invited 2 d party, my only gift 4 d celebrant wld hv been a passion8 hug. Un4tun8ly, none of d participants gave her dat wat a disappointmnt?

  6. Shameless fool, where did you copy that from?if you like naked,those who will look at you will look at you,but those who wil not will not.

  7. I need a 5star Bitch,I want a 5star bitch.
    All I see is hungry looking guys in odd color of fake shirts and street ho girls who stay at motor parks @empty roads at nite looking for customers
    Am sure she won’t wear pant and that her wide pekus wud just be open like an o.
    She’s a bitch,bitch and her click all go to a small corner,gather all the empty empty bottles put ffor inside sho glass call am moe instead of moet den una shine eyes dey snap pix,for una mind.even d bottle coke bottle sef empty una snap am join.
    Onto say na white white,must all ugly girls wey bleach sef wear white.
    See dat mumu 1 face,d face very yellow,den the hands very dark.
    Chai nawa o.
    No shame tins,
    Ican come out naked on my birthday tins with my opo friends.
    U sef wan turn american singer ciara by fire by force

  8. Haters and backbitters e don do una please………………… why una blood dey hot like diz? am very sure some of you here dont even have money to afford that so called bra, yet you guys are here bragging. rubbish. if not adam and eve that cause all this problem, all of you wey they complain now for they real nakedness. in nakedness we come in nakedness we shall return. so watch your tongue

    My dear you dress is so much nice, dont mind hater, very soon they shall****************

  9. She is nt a christain bcus her behaviour doesn’t depict christ’s, besides there is ntin lyk true religion, only d One true GOD @zakhus

  10. Some of u guys here lack proper manners and gud education dats why you can just pop out of nowhere and blurt out rubbish…and where as ur opinion was never needed here so guess wat u can all go back to d f****ng hole shit u came out frm and go get urselfs a nice kob instead of pocknosing around…

  11. Whatever you ***** says don’t matter. I mean she’s got the body why not?? At least she’s not obese. She’s hot carry go my sister

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