Photos: Omotola Jalade & Daughter Meraiah Ekeinde Expose Tummy At Elites Model Africa 2015

omotola jalade tummy

Sept 15, 2015 – Pictures: Omotola Jalade & Daughter Meraiah Ekeinde Expose Pot Belly At Elites Model Africa 2015 Event, Fans Come After Them


Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade was among the celebrities who stormed Eko Hotels and Suites on Sunday night for 2015 Aquafina Elite Model Look competition.

Omotola Jalade wore a black Beryl set designed by Nigerian stylist Wanni Fuga.

Fans are not really happy with the way the mother of 4 exposed her bare tummy at the event.

She also exposed her 14-year-old daughter Meraiah  Ekeinde who wore a short top that exposed part of her tummy.

See what her fans are saying:

Omotola, owu nini? Arikwa ihe ishim shigi o! You are one sexy woman who thrives glory to her Backside…your belly is potty and it was very unflattering attempting to seduce the camera with it! Your grown daughters should be dressing that way, not YOU na!

But please, that dress is very very wrong for a mother to step out in. She dressed like those kinda ladies you find in Allen Avenue at midnight! Why should CLASS dress like CRASS?

Omotola does indeed look fabulous in that outfit. Very good, well toned body. On the other hand, the outfit is becoming too common among Naija babes, you guys should retire it.

Omotola and her daughter doing show belle competition noni

Omotola airs her opinions on the nation’s affairs: “Omo T, I don’t like u at all (empty vessel makes the loudest noise)….”
Not saying that they are on the same level or that their achievements are the same but I’ve been seeing a lot of these “Omotola, shut up, you know nothing, ass is all you have” type comments lately, especially when she expresses her views on governance, national issues, etc

Empty vessel ! That’s why she keeps forcing herself down our throat. She knows the minute she disappears from our screen, she’s forgotten. Shes all for the show. She’s that person who will go for a poverty alleviation campaign and turn it to a fashion show. I don’t care if she feeds . But that chik is all noise.

Check out more photos of Omosexy on the red carpet

omotola jalade belly

From her past media statement, she’s afraid of exposing her teenage daughter to the media yet she keeps taking her out in this type of outfit.

Hmmmm it seems Omotola is getting carried away by something.

29 thoughts on “Photos: Omotola Jalade & Daughter Meraiah Ekeinde Expose Tummy At Elites Model Africa 2015

  1. Her daughter has started sleeping around like her. A 14-year-old with fully developed physique it is troubling. Like mother like daughter mtcheeewww

  2. D bible says train up a child in d way he shuld grow n wen he/she is old he nt depart frm it. Sorry 2 say dis u hv nt been doin ur duty as a mother by xposin dis little gal 2 dis knd of life. Pls do hv a change of hrt

  3. When will nigerians learn to face their problem? She has her life and she can live it the way she love. Pretty joyce face your life and let omotola live. You talking abt somebody that has made it in every area of life than you. Mumu. 08170183672

  4. she is not 14 year old her mother is hiding her ages. see her check. she look like women way dey husband house with a new baby. na small e day start.

    • UI see u wey dem never sleep with, haters never grow, bad belle@ pretty, a as for u rejoice face ur *****, pikin wey dem dey feed well go grow, everybody no go get ***** like u

  5. 14 years? mmmmmmm omotola who forcing ur daughter to age? a teen should look like tee not adult, corrupt society! plz mothers dont spoil ur children all in de name of fame.

  6. Pretty Joyce, your dumbness and naiveness baffles me. You don’t just open your filthy mouth and call people you barely know names or say nasty things about them. That girl is a cute and smart 14 year old and not uneducated and classless ***** Prove you are righteous yourself!

  7. The first picture has not been tampered with and that is exactly who they really are .just look at it again then you know what i am talking about ,She is not 14 years ,her mother reduced her age to reduced hers,LOL

  8. People should learn how to mind their business,if u can’t beat them join them,omosexy wil always n omosexy,jeolous Nigerian

  9. @rukky omosexy will always be omosexy, when will you nigeria tells the truth, flattery will get you nothing she is an old cargo whose time has past. she should go and seat at home and let us hear world. And you must be very ugly to think this is sexy…

  10. @ mily go dress ur daughter like that nd ur wife too. good pekin people like u go see truth call it false just becos they you favor from that person. go and read your bible. truth is bitter.

  11. My dear friends, sexy or not sexy Omotola is a mother of four children she need to show good example as a mother to motherhood and teach her daughter Godly way for her to benefit the seed at old age and for people to credit her good effort towards her family.

  12. omotola has two daughters and two sons if I can remeber princess which is 18yrs and mereiah which is 15yrs…and I don’t see anything wrong in what they are doing its just for d fun of it…it’s a show pose hang out..lets not jugde…everybody has their lives to life..she is famous and she wants her children to take part in it…so let them be to whoever having negativity towards them…yes d mother exposure was something else as a woman but don’t blame d child pple look hotter than this on a wedding…I see nothing in dis…next

  13. What is wrong with what she is wearing!abeg she’s looking gr8 in dat atfit!!lyk mother lyk daughter before com who will she look lyk u! Omo sexy carry go no look dem dem!!!

  14. a mother shud nt dress lyk dis.u don’t need 2 expose urself b4 u luk pretty.train dat gul well so u wud b proud of her @ old age.rmb decent men go after decent women.

  15. Why are we never satisfied with one’s way of life? Am sure if Omotola did as u all expected, some will still talk rubbish. Omotola dear,d enemy of progress will always show face….. so overlook their rubbish talk.

  16. I reserve my comments but one thing is for sure,no matter how we try to imitate the white and leave our shadows to walk alone,, we will remain Africa cos that’s the culture

  17. We all have our lives to answer for, why not focus ion things important that will benefit you rather than taking medications on someone else sickness?
    Omotola has the right to put on anything she see ok to her, she can’t please you guys at d same time please herself..

    Omosexy fly on, d sky is d limit. Humble Jochy supports you.

  18. All I no is that omotola keeps lying bout her age and her children’s age..a 14 years old girl can’t be grown big a huge breast like this..ok she startgrowing breast when she was 7 or what??that girl is 20+ she is reducing her kids age so we will believe she truly gave birth at age 18 so that when you minus the kids age then u no she she gave birth early..but one day you will get old

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