Photos: PSquare’s Peter Okoye Dresses As Gay To Lagos Night Club, Wants Fans Opinion

peter okoye gay

March 21, 2015 – PSquare’s Peter Okoye Dresses As Gay To Lagos Night Club, Wants Fans Opinion

The Psquare dude performed at a night club in Lagos last night in a see-through outfit.

He later took to the social media to ask for fans opinion

Over to you guys, what do you think of Peter Okoye’s sexy outfit **wink**

18 thoughts on “Photos: PSquare’s Peter Okoye Dresses As Gay To Lagos Night Club, Wants Fans Opinion

  1. U d weirdest irresponsible hubby/ father in this outfit with beast mark all over your body! Don’t even look married

    • u sound so sily, what your problem on HIS way of life, jealousy is bad go and make u own money than sitting there and insult ursf ,whether u like it or not he is Much better than

  2. Go use perminent marker write am for him face, let me tell u wat to write. Emm!!!!!!!!! Psquare is a married man, infact, he is papa nmadu, mthewwwwwww ode.

  3. None of my bizwax.. perhaps its just a show.. u dnt judge ppl by appearance.. life still goes on. I wish him all the best in his daily struggles.. some ppl can really insult n judge as if they are the creator.. pots are those always calling kettles black… do u think bsquare dnt know what he was doing? If u wanna catch a thief, behave like a thief.. thatz a step too forward in d game he played here… abeg jealousy ppl make una park well jare..!!!

  4. I’m soo ashamed of y’all right now… What’s wrong with his outfit?. Y’all need to grow up mehnnn. This guy is an entertainer . Do you want him yo put on agbada,dashiki or office wear to the club?. Demmmm. Some people are in 40,60’s life mehnnn. Y’all should grow up and be civilized for once. Gosh # eyes rolling.

  5. Lola ain’t complaining . You look sexy to me and your wonderful fans out there. Maybe next time they wants you to put on agbada and danshiki or office wear to the club . Seriously ?. People are demm to funny. Love your swaggs jare.

  6. Plz stop cursing guyz his an artist ooo what more do u expect from him do u want him to dress like a deeper life man? Haba Nigerians what can one do that will be good in ur eyes

  7. Oh nigerians una wahala plenty, if en wear native’ up and down… una go still talk, en wear boxers N singlet una go still talk.
    Shoo!…..una nede tire, una want pesin tu displease en self to please una ewvi tym…..onez d pesin try tu do so, una go tear d pesin apart wit una hateful talks. #scoffs.
    Ah pity 4 pipu wey de look pesin face or listing to wetin pple de talk or try tu even please pesin 4 dix our zoo country., dey go jus die silently…….’Cause dix country na wheew!!!

  8. i guess Nigerians are still backwards,Whats is gay about hisn dress code.I can believe so many people still have their mindslocked up in the boxes,if its not gay ,its illuminati.SO negativity rules in NAIJA

  9. Naija eeeeee…..i hail you people. GOSH!!!! you guys know how to cast the first stone. For goodness sake its a “party” not a church sermon, besides his outfit isn’t bad. #sighs# most of you criticize badly as though your perfect without blemish, whereas you got a skeleton in your cupboard. Whether you like his style or not, he’ll still be a star making his cash. GET A LIFE!!!!!

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