Photos: Toronto Based Nigerian Fadesola Adedayo Trekked From Abuja To Lagos In 17 Days To..

toronto nigerian trekked abuja to lagos 17 days

May 31, 2016 – Pictures: Canada Based Nigerian Fadesola Adedayo Walked From Abuja To Lagos In 17 Days To Raise Awareness For SJS , Stevens Johnson Syndrome 

A Toronto Canada-based Nigerian man has completed a 17-day marathon walk in memory of his late brother.

Fadesola Adedayo who lost his brother, a medical doctor to Stevens Johnson Syndrome in the UK back in 2012 returned to Nigeria last month to complete a marathon walk against the spread of the deadly disease.

Adedayo started the marathon walk from Abuja on the 13th of May and arrived Lagos on Monday the 30th of May 2016 around 1:30pm.

He covered 717km.

See photos and video clips from the marathon love walk below

Fadesola Adedayo

16 thoughts on “Photos: Toronto Based Nigerian Fadesola Adedayo Trekked From Abuja To Lagos In 17 Days To..

  1. Sorry for your loss, dear! Wishing your campaign success! You have elongated your life span by trekking this distance. This calls to mind the craze that overtook Nigerians a year ago when Buhari was fresh. I wonder where all those trekkers are now. I hope none of them is among those who have already lost their job.

  2. Liar. You went from Kaduna to Lagos and you came back safe, no armed robbery nor kidnap. Abeg park well. Even people traveling in cars are victims, talk-less of an easy prey;roaming those lonely and deadly ends.

  3. He was lucky others kidnappers and retualists would had been making desperate calls
    and sharping theirs knives now.hahahah naija

  4. Does this trekking raised up any awareness in Nigeria. If it was in Toronto fine but in Nigeria was pure waste of time my bros.

    Well done for loosing those weight. I am sure that was the gain of your trek

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