Photos: Traffic Jam As Lady Runs Mad In Osogbo Osun State


lady runs mad market osogbo osun state

Feb 20, 2017 – Pictures: Traffic Jam As Lady Runs Mad At Popular Market In Osogbo Osun State

A young woman caused a scene at Akindeko market in Osogbo Osun state around 9pm on Saturday when she suddenly started displaying madness on the road.

She initially started directing traffic meant for police before she started dancing like a lunatic.

People soon gathered to watch her lunatic display as if it was a Nollywood movie.

About 30 minutes later, policemen came to the scene to take her away.

4 thoughts on “Photos: Traffic Jam As Lady Runs Mad In Osogbo Osun State

  1. Things are dey hard for Nigeria so everything is mad. Pipuls are get mad everyday. Even cow is follow to get mad. Fowl is a followment of the kolo menta sef. Mad pipul de even follow to mad another kolo menta on top of the kolo menta weyris do them oredy. Na APC if cause am. PDP na nonsens but APC nonsens pass away PDP. It be like where persin sell dog and is buy monki. It no solve problem bicos wetin get four leg is still dey for his house. Nigeria pipul have sell dog and is buys monki.

  2. When something of this nature happens people gather, not to lend a helping hand but to feed their eyes and perhaps, record the moment in pictures and videos…I don’t get it! Where has being our brother’s/sister’s keeper gone to?

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