Photos & Video: Beverly Osu Puts Live Python Snake Across Neck In New Movie


beverly osu python snake

Oct 21, 2014 – Pictures & Video: BBA Star Beverly Osu Puts Live Python Snake Across Neck In New Nollywood Movie

BBA star Beverly Osu over the weekend took to IG to show fans her most daring Nollywood movie role as an actress.

She is currently on the set of an untitled upcoming movie where she played the role of a snake girl.

“Most daring role I chose, in my face shows confidence but my heart is about to explode.. I try to changellenge myself for the love of my job and the confidence I ve in GOD.. I STAND OUT..I AM AN EXTERMISE ..BLACK DIAMOND.. TO carry a life python…eish baba..crazy working with this amazing director @soundmind44 and D.O.P @gentletouch66 sick talented guys…#thecurseoftheseven #actor #snakegirl #cinema #movingtrain #entertainment It’s Beverly Osu again ..busy bee

Hmm ….still fighting my fears … This is a tip of the ice berg Wat i go tru on set everyday…feeling dat snake move on my body …eww so disgusting. .. God dey.. My mum says i can do it i can..mummy sussy’s ginger.. Now u see not easy. make ur daily bread.. #fear #warrior #movingtrain #mummy’sbaby #blackdiamond #strive. Let’s make a movie.. Look at my heart sinking through my neck lol – Beverly said on Instagram

Play the short video clip below and see the pictures after.

beverly osu snake girl

What a bold move, I believe most of us can’t dare what she just did.

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