Photos: World’s Oldest Fish, 90-Year-Old Australian Lungfish Granddad Is Dead

australian lungfish granddad dead

Feb 7, 2017 – Pictures: World’s Oldest Fish, 90-Year-Old Australian Lungfish, Granddad Is Dead

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium Oldest Fish Euthanized Due To Old Age & Organ Failure

One of the aquatic animals that have put smiles on the faces of Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium tourists in the past 85 years has died.

Granddad, an Australian breed of lung fish that turned Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium into a popular tourist spot was put to death on Monday after showing signs of organ failure.

4ft long Granddad which weighed 11.34kg had stopped eating days before he was euthanized due to old age.

90 year old fish chicago