Photos: World’s Tallest, Most Handsome President Buhari Still Going Strong In Germany


world's tallest presidents

June 8, 2015 – Pictures: Most Handsome, Tallest President In The World, Buhari Going Strong In Germany

Daddy Buhari as he is now being called by his fans online is still going strong in Germany.

According to an ongoing debate on the social media, Buhari is now the tallest President in the world.

They say he is also too handsome for his age.

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Buhari’s estimated height is 6 ‘4. He deserves a spot in Guinness World Records but the man no get time for yeye comparison. He is too serious with the affairs of Nigeria.

On Buhari being the most handsome President in the world, Naija na for una mind o. There is nothing bad in good wishes.

Wishing him safe journey home.