Please Don’t Abandon Your Parents

don't abandon your parents

March 3rd, 2015 – Please Don’t Abandon Your Parents

This is a wake up call to all of us. Please let’s try and keep in touch with our parents.

Forget what they have done or did not do in the past, remember without them, you will not be where you are today.

Let’s all take time out of our busy schedules and check up on our parents.

We matter to them.

5 thoughts on “Please Don’t Abandon Your Parents

  1. true talk my dear we all will grow old one day so we should remember our parents always that alone keeps them stronger and add more life to them

  2. Litl wonda y Jay-Z sang d song, 4eva Young. Old age, evil days, coms wit its own fears. Som loneliness, som boredom, som frustration…

    Teenage dreads old age frm afar. May God help us all wen we get there!

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