President Buhari Feeding Through IV Tubes As British Doctors Arrive Aso Rock To Treat Him

May 1st, 2017 – President Buhari Now Eating & Drinking Through IV Tubes As British Doctors Arrive Aso Rock To Treat Him

According to Sahara Reporters, Mr President is now eating and drinking using IV tubes as his health condition has deteriorated.

SR source disclosed that Buhari’s health condition has worsened since he returned from an extended medical vacation in the United Kingdom.

He is now too weak to leave Aso Rock.

The source further disclosed that a team of British medical teams have arrived Aso Rock to take care of the ailing President who is currently unable to move.

74-year-old President Muhammadu Buhari is battling Prostrate cancer and Crohn’s disease, a chronic illness affecting his digestive system.

Since the cabal are working both physically and spiritually to get Buhari down, Nigerians will have to pray for this anti-corruption crusader who is determined to help the country fight corruption.

Wishing him quick recovery.

18 thoughts on “President Buhari Feeding Through IV Tubes As British Doctors Arrive Aso Rock To Treat Him

  1. Wishing you well President. It’s obvious that most Nigerians (cabals) never want anyone with good intention to continue.

  2. IT IS inhumane to wish anybody dead. But I sincerely cannot boldly say that PMB is thorough with his much vaunted anti-corruption crusade. That can only be said by an APCist.

  3. THEY SAY the cabal wants him dead, but it is still the cabal that wants an unfit man to cling to power until 2011. Or are there two cabals?

  4. i dont believe in those crap..we need strong institution.just like a soccer team with strong players and a tough goal keeper.u dont put in recyled thieves decamping every second from thesame corrupt party and still want corrupt free simply wont work.secretary of govt was fired,same with intelligent chief,budget is padded,looted money being uncovered in apartments,airports,under the bed,underground.every agency is compromised..get well presido..

  5. Let the will of GOD be done, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” nobody can change it.

  6. Buhari should step down and stop wasting Nigeria money and also stop insulting Nigeria Doctors, so No Nigeria Doctor will treat you, this is the same Buhari that is telling Western countries that Nigeria is good and is still the same Buhari inviting Western Doctor to Nigeria,what a shame

  7. Question 1. how many Nigerians would be able to fly in doctors from abroad when they are ill ?
    Question 2. how many oyinbos would like to come to Nigeria for treatment when they are ill ?

    • Ans 1. All fingers are not equal.
      Ans 2. So many of them are coming for spiritual healing, we even carry the spiritual healing to their countries.

      @ade eagle, pls mark my answer sheet….lol, have a nice day.

  8. My President is a fighter, i am confident that he will be well soon, God bless PMB God Nigeria. Let us keep praying for his divine healing.

  9. God loves you my Dear president , If God kept you alive this long , He will surely get you well again since your job is not DONE yet, We truly love and see your plan for this great Nation Nigeria, But as we all knows that evil people don’t like good things , But you in the Name of the almighty HALLA YOU WILL NOT FALL , And the spirit of jesus Christ have now enter in to your body and SOUL No evil shall befall you , If BLOOD is needed to keep you alive , I volumteer to Donate blood for you ,May God get you up going again , From KAZ, CANADA

  10. By strength shall no man prevail, lets lean on God for direction and He will give us good success. God bless Nigeria

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