President Jonathan Planning To Get Obasanjo Arrested?

jonathan arrest obasanjo

Dec 11, 2014 – President Goodluck Jonathan Is Planning To Get Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo Arrested

An fan just sent us an email about President Goodluck Jonathan’s secret plan to arrest Olusegun Obasanjo.

The source said a circular was passed around in Aso rock late Wednesday to this effect.

Check out the email below:

“Editor do u know d president of your country is planning to get one former yoruba president arrested.My brother work in the Aso Rock, a secret circular was passed around late Wednesday night that Obasanjo should be arrested.Please inform his people to tell him to stay on watch. I wont say much more for the secret of my bro bye”

Could this be true…

This drama between Obasanjo and his former political son is just unfolding.

Stay put for the next episode.

9 thoughts on “President Jonathan Planning To Get Obasanjo Arrested?

  1. Obasanjo is nobody, he can be arrested this Nigeria the Banana Republic, But that will not take a pinch out of the piece of my pizza.
    But after his arrest JONA will be back to his SHOELESS LIFE.

  2. if na papa abacha or ldi amin of uganda obassanja are nobody so let him thank his God. this is the people that knows it, if you are king is in your own house.

  3. No proof,No evidence, No details, so lets concentrate on the next step. I personally do not believe in phone massages they can delude you from the channel.

  4. I think it is possible. If Jonathan cannot sway Obasanjo to his side before the Presidential election,that means GEJ is long gone. Folks, Obasanjo is a big threat to Jonathan re-election and for the fact that OBJ differ in opinion to GEJ this is a big concern for him. Obasanjo remains the only figure in Nigera leadership who can bring together all three geographical zone in Nigeria that was why Jonathan sent his Governors to plead and prostrate on his behalf. Jonathan knows what he’s doing by trying to woo OBJ to his side. If both do not agree, then Jonathan will have to look for another way to win his presidency but if decides to toil that channel then, that may be a big problem. I’m not a pro Obasanjo, I don’t even agree to some of his idea this is just a discussion utilizing logic.

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