“Prophet Ajanaku’s Death Is A Rumour, Who Told You He’s Dead?” – Church Secretary

prophet ajanaku not dead

October 1st, 2013 – “Pastor Ajanaku’s Death Is A Rumour, Who Told You He’s Dead?” – Church Secretary

Over 4 weeks after his sudden death, one of the aides of late Pastor Iretiola Ajakanu is still claiming the man is not dead.

In a recent interview on Encomium magazine, the secretary of the church one Mrs Rose was angered when her spiritual father was addressed as late Prophet Ajanaku.

Angered by the remark, Rose said;

“Who told you he is dead?  He is not dead yet.  Stop referring to him as late Prophet Ajanaku.”

As we speak, Ajanaku’s church members are still holding vigil for his resurrection.

An official announcement of his death hasn’t been made in the church.

Mrs Joy Ajanaku, the widow of the late pastor is now officially in charge of the church.

Despite problem with her in-laws, she has bravely taken over the pastoral duty as if her hubby travelled out of town.

So if he is not dead, where is he now?

19 thoughts on ““Prophet Ajanaku’s Death Is A Rumour, Who Told You He’s Dead?” – Church Secretary

  1. He is in hell whereelse do u expect an occultic pastor to go?
    Ajanaku church members should wake up from their slumber

  2. He might fake his death and come out one day for the church to worship him as Jesus, If’s it here in England I will say may be his wife want to claim life insurance but for our land i dont think we do that kind of business. But he might resurrect as Jesus Ajanaku for people to worship him more and more money as he will prophesy for people.

  3. I saw pastor Ajanaku yesterday having dinner with the Queen of England at burkingham palace, when i asked when he would return to Nigeria, He said ,i will be back on the 25th of December Christmas day with Jesus, if any of you want to see me , go to my church on Christmas day ,i will be waiting for you all, to let you know that i was not dead, i am still much alive .praise Ajanaku , he is still alive , he would be coming back to Nigeria from England soon

  4. The members should stop this stupidity of a thing, their so- call Papa is dead and gone for crying out,they should wake up from their slumber and stop saying nonsense pleaaaaase !

  5. u guys have said it all, if he is dead he is gone forever, if he isn’t yet dead that means he will die soon

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