Ramsey Nouah’s Israeli Father Abandoned Him… How His Yoruba Mother Raised Him For Stardom


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Dec 3rd, 2015 – Ramsey Nouah’s Israeli Dad Abandoned Him How His Yoruba, Nigerian Mum Raised Him For Stardom

Hear what Ramsey Nouah told The Entertainer in a recent tell-it-all interview:

My dad has never been around  during my growing up days; I didn’t even get to know him up till now.

Those were the times when things got really bad for my mother and I and we had nothing. It was so bad that we didn’t have a home to live in. We had to stay in a store, one that could take only one mat. My mother and I squeezed ourselves in that mat. We didn’t even have a cup to drink water, talk more of a stove to cook on. My mother had to borrow, beg and stuff like that.

Those moments, those terrible moments we had nothing and we were living off people. People were just helping us out. There were times we didn’t have food to eat three or four days. You haven’t eaten and your stomach is rumbling but you don’t have any place to go. There was a time I lived on the streets, in shops. There was a time I slept under the bridge. It was unfortunate that there were no records so that we can have memories we could play back now. To me, I am so extremely grateful that I went through it. At that time, I hated everybody around me. In fact, I used to question why God was doing this to me. But I think God knew that I needed this for my future

These were moments when I was young. I didn’t realize the gravity of the poverty we were in. I couldn’t tell, but it was good orientation for me. Those were moments when I thank God for making me pass through, because they have sustained and helped me even as an actor. The ability to deliver all the roles they give me comes from having tasted both sides of the coin.

44-year-old Ramsey Nouah was born to a Yoruba mother and an Israeli father in Edo State.

He is one of the most successful men in Nollywood today.