Photos Of Moji Olaiya’s 3rd Husband, Alhaji Yomi Allen Odutola,The Father Of Her Baby Daughter

moji olaiya baby daddy

June 7, 2017 – Real Pictures Of Moji Olaiya’s 3rd Husband, Alhaji Yomi Allen Odutola, The Father Of Her Baby Daughter

Forget about the story that went viral on the net earlier today.

The real identity of Moji Olaiya’s baby daddy has been revealed.

He is Alhaji Yomi Odutola aka Allen, Abuja-based self acclaimed oil and gas millionaire whose real source of income can’t be verified.

He was previously based in Toronto but has since relocated to Abuja to live with his wife and children.

We learnt Moji Olaiya was his side chick until late last year when he married her in a secret Nikkai wedding.

Note: A man was spotted at the burial of Moji Olaiya today. He is not the man in question.

The mouthed  polygamist who impregnated Moji Olaiya is pictured above.

Our source said he was at the burial today but didn’t appear on camera… How possible?  we are working on this as an insider promises to furnish us with more details.

37 thoughts on “Photos Of Moji Olaiya’s 3rd Husband, Alhaji Yomi Allen Odutola,The Father Of Her Baby Daughter

  1. Love is blind. How can I marry somebody who doesn’t want me to be identify with him in the public? Yet she wasn’t a cripple naa wa ooooooo! Rip Moji.

  2. he doesnt look like a responsible man he look like a 419 chap not all that glitters are gold

  3. Just wondering why some ppl are very gullible in their thinking,forgotten there is life after death.anyway RIP

  4. Which wives he no marry moji now,guys that use celebs to upgrade their yahoo status…its sad ow women re always moved by wat we hear.they didn’t live together sef she was squatting wit a friend she’s a side chic mistress nooni

  5. So sad… How can a woman relinquished his religion to marry a man and the man can’t come out opening to give his wife last respect! Too bad. Moji rest in peace. Already too late.

  6. if d irresponsible cassnova no show up in d burial public that means she is only side chick,may be in order to save his marriage / may be no secret marriage as claim b4 .We ladies let us be more wiser .

  7. My worry is all about the child, Moji is already gone to rest, maybe this man may come for her (the child), he seen to be so wick, I actually feeling for this little girl.

  8. Alhaji “Lagbaja” alias 419. This complete ignoramus to Moji? What a waste of life and talent. He’s just a nobody that took advantage of Moji’s vulnerability and quest to have a husband no matter what. Ladies, you don’t have to be married to have a child, if you are desperate to be a mother. Just have a career and be prepared for the responsibilities of being a single parent. With the likes of Lanre Gentry and fake Alhajis all over the world, I will rather be a joyful single woman and living mother to my children. God forbid bad luck

  9. Moji RIP, oku olomo ki sun, boju weyin, ko wo awon
    Omo e, Olorun a wo won, a da won si ????????????

  10. Its just unfortunate.If all that is said about the Man is true, Lets just leave all to God, He’s the best Judge. May her humble soul rest in Peace

  11. Rest In Peace raimot, May Almighty Allah accept you, may Almighty Allah blessings rain on your girls. Aameen

  12. Moji the mother of 2 daughters,it is a pity 4 me when i hear ur death because u did n’t wait 2 eat your work u have do. Rest in peace.

  13. okay. so i really didn’t want to do this because it’s a pity and i know my dad did wrong but can all of you stop saying stupid shit and all of you need to shut up because you do not have any idea whats really going on so stop spreading stupid comment and this is none of your business i’m sorry for her death but you guys really need to leave my dad alone cuz you don’t know how hard it is for him. so please if you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all. I am only 15 years old and i understand whats happening better than all of you adults so please just stop.

  14. This ugly smoker …Girls ….Oil and Gas indeed
    Who will want to give this one a contract without been afraid
    Looks like a thief and fraudster

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