Saidi Balogun Betrays Liz Anjorin For Staging Birthday On Owo Naira Movie Bet Premiere Day

saidi balogun betrays liz anjorin

June 5, 2017 – Saheed Balogun Betrays Liz Anjorin For Staging Birthday On Owo Naira Movie Bet Premiere Day

Nollywood actress Liz Anjorin has seen the other side of life after a top member of her Owo Naira movie cast, Saidi Balogun betrayed her by fixing his birthday on the same day of her movie premiere.

Saidi Balogun whose birthday celebration will commence with a courtesy visit to UCH Ibadan on the 4th of July will stage different events at different venues on the 5th and 6th.

The grand finale party will hold on the 7th of July 2017, the same day Liz Anjorin fixed for the premiere of Owo Naira Bet.

Liz Anjorin has been telling fans he will consult the native doctors in her village against Saidi Balogun and others seeking her downfall.

According to her, Saidi Balogun whom she sees as a brother betrayed her because he is the lead character in the movie.

Her words:

The words on the street is that Saidi Balogun is envious of Miss Anjorin’s success.

8 thoughts on “Saidi Balogun Betrays Liz Anjorin For Staging Birthday On Owo Naira Movie Bet Premiere Day

  1. Why is she presenting herself as a very obnoxious fellow? This is too much. I Oboli could not have a premiere for ‘Okafor’s Laws ‘ and it still made money. Sounding like a fish wife has not solved the problem but exposed her as a vile fellow
    Liz Anjorin has lost all respect. By the way,Said Balogun’ if you did that deliberately ‘ nemesis will catch up with you. No wonder you are always attaching yourself to governors and society people to get money
    Not much in the career department-abi? You are not a nice person.

  2. the question u need to ask is that, WHO WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO CHOOSE THE DATE ? if Saidi was the first person to choose that date then he should not be blame, one thing i know is that 2 of them cant choose a date at the same day someone will choose first, the first to choose the date should not be blame at all., but if Lizzy was the first to choose the date and saidi intentional do what he did to twart her effort , then he deserve more than what the young lady is passing to him,

  3. This Saidi Balogun self. He does competition with women. He is killing two birds with a stone: he is collecting the money and glory Liz should have collected(his real birthday should be February) and ‘showing’ Faithia. He and Faithia are always trying to outdo each other. on their birthdays If he celebrates in America, she will celebrate in London. If he celebrates in Malaysia, she will do hers in India. Let us wait for Faithia’s big one too.

  4. We have heard Lizzy’s side of the story. I hope uncle Saheed to hear your own side. I am very sure, Lizzy chose her date before Saheed does. There must be a reason for this.

  5. d reason y i dnt lik ds lizzy is she is arrogant and proud two wrong cnt make a right y cursing him even fathia d ex wife never curse him u better b careful before ur curse com back to u.

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