Segun Arinze: The Average Life Expectancy Of A Nigerian Is 47, I Thank God I’m Over 50


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January 22, 2016 – Segun Arinze: The Average Life Expectancy Of An Average Nigerian Is 47, I Thank God I’m Over 50

See excerpts from Nollywood actor Segun Arinze’s recent chat with The Entertainer

You recently turned 50, what are you thankful to God for?

Being alive till date is enough to thank God for. Quite a number of people did not get to this stage in life. There is everything to be thankful for because the average life expectancy of an average Nigerian is 47 years old.

But here, I am at the age of 50 and I am still waxing stronger. A lot of my colleagues did not get to this age before they died. I am thankful to God that I sleep every day and I wake up as and when due. I am very grateful to God.

What manner of man are you at home?

I enjoy cooking and I do breakfast in bed for my wife most times whenever I am home. When I get to the kitchen, I ask everybody to go out and I do breakfast or lunch for my family. I love to cook spaghetti; rice and I can also bake. I bake cake for my wife and kids sometimes.

I can make vegetable soup, egusi, stew and soup. If you don’t believe me ask Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey and Bimbo Akintola, they would tell you their experiences with me in London when we went for the Olympics. I am enjoying fatherhood right now and it is so much fun for me.

I may not always be there for the kids because of the nature of my work, but when I am around, they know that I am around. I try as much as possible to stay with my kids as much as I can so that they can bond with me. I am having the time of my life with my family and I have a wife who is top notch.

Is it true that the President of Gambia gave you and some other Nollywood acts parcels of land?

Yes it is true, but I would not want to go to the nitty gritty of that. The president of Gambia is a great guy and an intellectual. When you get close to him, you would understand the kind of person he is. I have had the opportunity of talking with him at least twice and he is such a great person.

He loves Nollywood and he believes we have made Africa very proud and in the future he would like us to develop something like that in his country. He also tries to encourage our industry. For instance, ‘Mirror Boy’ was shot there.

Desmond Elliot has also gone to shoot in Gambia, he really appreciates us and he gave us the parcels of land, and for that, we are very grateful and thankful for that gesture.

Will the war of words between you and Emeka Ike ever end?

Is there war of words between us? I don’t think so. I am not fighting anybody neither am I engaging in a war of words with anybody. I am above that. I am too matured and I am a classic man. I don’t have time to be throwing tantrums. I am too busy and my time is too valuable, every second counts in my life. I don’t throw jabs and I am too busy for that.

Are you saying you are going into politics?

Yes I am. I would declare my intention in the near future.

[Interview By Lanre Odukoya]