Shock As Nigerian Bride Lifts Groom On Wedding Day [PHOTOS]

nigerian bride lifts groom wedding day

October 16, 2017 – Shock As Nigerian Woman Lifts Her Husband On Their Wedding Day [PHOTOS]

Check out ‘Mrs Powerful’ as she shocked her hubby on their wedding day.

See the facial expression of the groom.

This is what you get when you marry a fitness expert as wife.

It comes with lots of surprises.

5 thoughts on “Shock As Nigerian Bride Lifts Groom On Wedding Day [PHOTOS]

  1. Who says it is only brides that must be carried? Mr Groom, this is a very friendly way of warning you to behave yourself in the marriage.

  2. I feel sorry for the groom, na Super woman you marry? As long as he’s a “yes” man who doesn’t argue with or refuse to obey wife’s instructions, your marriage will be peaceful. If you don’t comply, she will beat the daylight out of you. Best wishes

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