Fans Blast Nollywood Stars For Playing Kids Roles “Stop Behaving Like Nigerian Politicians”

nollywood stars playing kids roles

Oct 17, 2013 – Fan Blasts Mercy Johnson, Funke Akindele & Nkem Owoh For Playing Kids Roles 

“Stop Behaving Like Nigerian Politicians” – Fans Blast Nollywood Stars For Playing Kids Roles

While we all think they make our days, some fans are still unsatisfied with popular nollywood stars like Mercy Johnson, Funke Akindele and Nkem Owoh for playing the roles of kids in movies.

Check out one of the tweets generating the buzz;

“Nollywood should train kids for such roles not using old people to play young children. Plz stop behaving like Nigerian Politician! Calling children leaders of tomorrow and yet not giving them  chance to grow n develop!!! So pathetic! We go see Mercy Johnson go to school, Nkem Owoh go to shcoo! what’s that??? #horror. Haters abuse me all you want o but this is a true fact that is affecting our future”

Over to you!

Do you think Nollywood stars should stop kidding in movies?

17 thoughts on “Fans Blast Nollywood Stars For Playing Kids Roles “Stop Behaving Like Nigerian Politicians”

  1. Yes! These adult Nollywood super stars should reserve the kids roles for the younger up-and-coming stars. Watching those old folks take up the roles of the kids in movies is no longer appealing!

  2. This person is a big fool, which children can act the way these pple act their’s, nollywood is 3rd in the world are all bcoz of these actors and actresses, Question! If u see children acting this role are u going to buy the cassette, but when u see sum1 like funke and Nkem owoh on one movie eventhough u don’t have moni I’m sure u will borrow money to buy it, are u not aware is through this acting the actors, actress, producers and marketers used to feed themselves and family, who is going to buy wen they use children for it, pls u hv to think b/4 u open ur smelling mouth to talk, so pls try sumtin else u are totally wrong with this foooooool,

  3. Dont mind d’yeye people,No kid actors anymore ni?no naija cartoons n’movies for children by children.Instead of d’nonsence movies with silly story lines.uKwa goes 2 skool,whose bizness is dat??????????

  4. I tink dis so called fans re obviously too myopic to know that dese guys re jst acting,d last d fans sud do is appreciate dem and nt put dere jobless self in dere business…

  5. The film is just about fun, not real, feel dey want to make it look funny by using adults for kids, d film is all about fun na. pls u shld reason dis way also instead of just talking anyhow.

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