Street Boys Yoruba Movie: Seun Egbegbe Features Toyin Aimakhu In New Movie

toyin aimakhu seun egbegbe movie

July 12, 2016 – Street Boys Nollywood Yoruba Movie: Seun Egbegbe Features Toyin Aimakhu In New Movie

Toyin Aimakhu’s immediate past boyfriend and the CEO of Ebony Films Production, Seun Egbegbe has released a new movie featuring Toyin and many other movie stars.

The controversial movie producer, marketer released the movie titled Street Boys to the market yesterday Monday July 11, 2016.

Egbegbe took Toyin Aimakhu to Ibadan shortly after her marriage crashed however, the relationship turned sour when he harassed her on a movie set and the two finally had to part ways.

11 thoughts on “Street Boys Yoruba Movie: Seun Egbegbe Features Toyin Aimakhu In New Movie

  1. Are this two steal having it real?
    Men beware, no matter who this lady gets married to, she will still come back to have it raw with this guy. I think shes has a personality disorder,its a class of mental disorder. They are so unbalanced, anxious and promiscuous, but can be treated. She needs a Doctor, God is also calling her in CAC, quit bleaching and this fake life and start something meaningful.

  2. When you want to catch a fish, use worms as a bait. When you want to catch a rat, use a piece of fish. When you want to catch Toyin Aimakhu, offer her a movie role. Rubbish!

    I taught after all the hulabaloo this babe had with that Egbegbe of a guy, she must have learnt some lesson but I was wrong.
    Why going back to Seun of all people in the name of one STREET BOYS movie after all the dust raised that drew National symphaty?

    I think Toyin urgently need to have her brain examined by a special Doctor.

  3. Can dis b tru? Toyin an Seun on dis kind tin again? What of d fact dat she wanted to unite back to her formal husband, toyin is living a fake life

  4. Haha! This movies could have been shot when things were right between them. That it is released now does not mean they are together. Pls, let’s be careful the way at which we jump into conclusion.

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