TB Joshua Lashes Back At Nigerians Over Failed Prophecy “We Are Not On The Same Level”

tb joshua nigerians failed prophecy

November 14, 2016 – TB Joshua Lashes Back At Nigerians Over Failed Prophecy “We Are Not On The Same Level”

Temitope Joshua has finally broken his silence over his last failed prediction.

Recall that the controversial prophet told his followers days before the US election that he saw a man in the White House.

Well after the prophecy refused to materialse, the self acclaimed prophet immediately removed his prediction video and Facebook message and went into hiding while Nigerians took to the social media to call him out.

Well, he finally broke his silence yesterday.

See what he wrote on Facebook at exactly 10:29am on Sunday the 13th of November:

How are we supposed to interpret these comments now.

Since Temitope Joshua is described on his own church’s website as a prophet, is he saying that other people who are not “at the same level” as him and are therefore unable to see what he sees?

Even Jesus Christ used to interpret parables to his followers, why can’t the self acclaimed prophet do the same for curious Nigerians seeking answers??

32 thoughts on “TB Joshua Lashes Back At Nigerians Over Failed Prophecy “We Are Not On The Same Level”

  1. To my surprise, some of his die hard followers still believe in him. Some Zealots like Grace and co are defending him. My jaw dropped when one of his followers said he just make a mistake. Another lady said he meant to say a man will win the election. Why people love to bring confusion in their life’s when your good God is a straight forward God?.


  3. as any body come out and give a good remark about other prophecies he give and come to pass, what people sees is bad they never see good in him. all are waiting for one single moment to condemn him.

    well he is still a great prophet, trust me all the people who are criticizing will one day see themselves in his church, soon.

  4. EVEN IF THAT PROPHECY HAD come through, it wouldn’t have affected my reservations concerning him. What I see here is that he had tactfully refused to address the issue of his failed prophecy. God knows who worships Him.

  5. May God have mercy on u follow Christians, Muslims will not say this to there imam or thy prophet… (even thy fake prophet Muhammed thy still call him great prophet without prophecies o) my follow Believes shame to u people. I don’t no the gospel we re preaching by in suit our father’s in faith. Thanks n God bless u all.

  6. I am Disappointed at you fellow Christians, even Muslims will never speak against their Imam or Prophets.
    (like their Prophet Mohammed without Prophecies, they still call him a great prophet)
    What is the need of the gospel we’re preaching, is it by criticizing ourselves, our Fathers in Faith and Men ♂ of God.
    Jesus did not tell us to criticize anybody rather pray for them.
    Think about this.

  7. Ever since I‘ve been noticing this man and manipulations he remain thesame self aclaimed prophet without any prophecy. Only guess work. And whenever he got it wrong, he quickly comes up with a trailer-loads of excuses just to keep a handful of some brainwashed short-sighted lazy scripture readers to continue seeing him for whom he claimed to be.

    God the All-knowing only used this election to expose him the more YET, I am astonished to see that some people are still blind to recognise the naked Truth.
    Its a pity.

    I take a stroll…

  8. people with that bad mouth, they are only interested on the wrong ones, forgetting the good ones he did so far, Beside he is human being like us, that what he predicted does not come to pass does not make him a false prophet, its only God That knows wot happened at dying minute before the Man acquire seat, let’s not say what we don’t know, God Knows y it finally happened that way. Beside USA is far better than Nig. now, lets find a way out of this reaccession instead of staying here drinking Paracetamol on another country’s head, where hunger is here killing our people

  9. Who are we to blame the man of GOD? TB Joshua was right in his prediction. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but Donald Trump won the electoral vote. So if we go by the popular vote, Hilary Clinton would have been the president elect.

  10. Well well thank God for this great prophet of our time. Thank you Dilo. We salute you prophet TB Joshua. Reading these comments I laugh. why? Because he has people like Jilo, Hunter and co will one day run to his church for serious deliverance. *******
    Very correct he is not thesame level simple. His prophecy was in parables and he believed with all your own levels of education you are better of to interpret.

    Long live our prophet. We love you and you are great.

    • Grace let me give you brotherly advise, you, Tina, Bok, Ambassador of Christ and other Zealots who believe everything about this man. Following this man means you are subjecting yourself to be exploited and led astray. Do not let this man lead you astray because he is a confusionist and not a man of God as he has claimed.

      If you guys are so confuse, why can’t you make a special prayer so that God will show you the right part. The reason why I’m constantly admonishing you guys is, if this guy goes down, you are all going down with him because you’ve allowed him to win your soul for devil.

      Have you read what Jesus said about people like TB Josuah in the book of Matthew, he said in the latter day, the day of reckoning, these fake pastors will question him father! father!! why are we in the same group with the sinners? We are your Ambassadors, we heal in your name, we cast out evil spirit in your name, what have we done so wrong that we are being grouped with the sinners. He said he will reply them, go away you workers of iniquitous, for I do not know you. Jesus had seen that because he was not fake as your master, he had seen the future of fake prophets pretending to be working for him whereas they are just serving their own interest. Go and read your scriptures very well.

      When Jesus was addressing his disciples, he said verily verily I say unto thee one of you will betray me and hand me over to the authority, it did happen as he has prophesied. There is no excuse for TB Joshua, he only gamble but he failed to win this time around. Whatever comes out of the prophet must be authentic not like a puzzle that everybody will figure out. As for those of you who said he had prophesied the right ones before, he was only using psychology and what is going on in our environment to forecast , that was not a revelation from God. Just beware of fake prophets.

    • Do not judge so you will not be judged !! if tb joshaua is a fake prophect by all the good works he has been doing ( helping the needy, honeless,scolerships, healing and others good works not only to Nigerians but the world at large) ,then i think we need more fake prophect in Nigeria ….. because those who are not fake are busy flying in private jet, buying expensive cars, and manshions. please do not judge most expcially judge a prophet of God, is left for only God to judge us.

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