Thirsty Boy Who Drank Acid In His Classroom In Ota Ogun State Dies..RIP Darasimi Ogunwunmi

Darasimi Ogunwunmi dead

September 17, 2016 – Thirsty Boy Who Drank Acid In His Classroom In Ota Ogun State Dies..RIP Darasimi Ogunwunmi

3-year-old Ogunwunmi Darasimi, a Kingergarden 1 pupil who mistakenly drank acid instead of water at Fahsal Children’s School in Idiroko area of Ota Ogun state in November last year has died.

After 9 months of agonizing pain, Darasimi who was unable to swallow or eat because the acid has destroyed his stomach and throat died on Monday the 12th of September 2016 after another attempt by doctors to open up his stomach failed.

boy drink acid water dies ogun state

His mother, Toyin described the last days of his short life on earth as a living hell.

May his soul rest in peace.

18 thoughts on “Thirsty Boy Who Drank Acid In His Classroom In Ota Ogun State Dies..RIP Darasimi Ogunwunmi

  1. What is acid doing in kindergarten where its reachable by a pupil? The school has a lot of explanations to make and secondly the poor boys mother needs to sue the school for their negligence. What an innocent soul being cut off too young.
    Rest in peace.

  2. HABA!
    What’s the acid doing in their class?
    And where was his teacher ?
    Oh my gosh!
    That baby went through the worst agonizing pain anything/body have ever gone through in life.With the mother watching him die by the seconds.
    And to know he was in pain for 9 months brought hot,bitter,hateful tears to my eyes.

    God please give this woman the heart to bear this pain of careless death .
    Little angel, may your soul rest in peace where there will be no more pain and suffering ,Amen.

  3. Acid in a kindergarten class? what sort of story is this in this country my God! this is so painful and pathetic, May God give the parents the fortitude to bear this great loss.
    RIP Little Angel.

  4. I GRIEVE with this woman to have lost her child like this. I hope she knows she could sue the school for this. It would not bring back the child, but it definitely would teach the management the lesson of their lives.

  5. Acid in a school? This is really conflicting and needs 1000 words of explanation all penned down in a 20leaves book. RIP young soul.

  6. This is sad. What is acid doing in a kindergarten? Who left the acid where children could reach for it? there is this warning on every dangerous or harmful medicines or chemicals “KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN”. Why is the teacher so careless? Children especially that age should be handled like eggs, very careful. Blame should go to the school authorities who permitted dangerous chemical in kindergarten school and in an open place where children could reach for it. The teacher too is culpable. The incidence should be investigated and the culprits prosecuted, compensation paid to the family of the child.

  7. Who kept acid in their class? Where was the aunty or uncle in charge of the kids? So many questions to be asked? Not a very good way to die, he died in agony and pains all because of someone’s carelessness. May the soul of the boy rip.

  8. Jesus! where were you at that time? this innocent child should have contributed to the development process of this nation, here he had die just like that. What a pain! May the family find peace in their heart to forgive.

  9. That little frame bearing such huge pain for nine long months ? Please God pleeeaaaasssssse !!!
    May God console the family!

    RIP young prince !

  10. wow convincin,ds pple r jus extortin d proprietess ,ds incident happnd afta skul hrs d pupil ws left around hrs lata he drank toxic substance (it could b detol,liquid soap, izal or even hapic) from d public toilet in d skul now d parent are extortin evryone, rada dan use d mony for d boy edey r buildin housees now changing gadgets and looks i wish i culd take pix of d parent of b4 and after d incidents ,,wow God c us all.

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