Threats To Nigeria: We Can’t Arrest Asari Dokubo – DSS Admits


dss can't arrest asari dokubo

Feb 6 2015 – Threats To Nigeria: We Can’t Arrest Asari Dokubo – DSS Admits

Yesterday, DSS spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar admitted that the agency has invited Asari to their office several times over his incessant bloodshed comments on Nigeria.

On Thursday while responding to questions at a news conference in Abuja, this is what Ogar said:

“First of all, whatever is the operational procedures that we take after we have issued out warnings, we do not make them public.

“And I want you to recollect that Asari Dokubo has been brought into the office – DSS, a couple of times.

“It is not in the position of the office to begin to tell you who has been brought in or who has not been brought in.

“We still stand by our words that whoever in any way would want to interfere or interrupt the peace that prevails, he or she would definitely be dealt with,”.

How can DSS arrest Odeku Asari when Oga on top in Abuja is shielding him???? This agency is weak and vulnerable. #yeye people