Tinubu & APC Leaders Visit Babangida, IBB’s Mansion In Minna For Support


apc leaders visit ibb minna niger state

Nov 14, 2013 – Bola Tinubu & APC Party Leaders Visit Babangida, IBB’s Mansion In Minna, Niger State For Support

The leaders of APC party (All Progressive Congress) yesterday paid a courtesy visit to ex-military ruler, Ibrahim Babangida aka IBB in Minna.

The alleged sponsor of Boko Haram terrorist group was made a star yesterday at his hilltop mansion in Minna, Niger state.

IBB speaking with the media

The day APC leaders made dreaded IBB a star.

Sources claim the APC party officials went on a desperate mission to seek Mr. Babangida’s support for the new political party.

The leaders were led by Bola Tinubu, who spent some time in exile for fighting against IBB’s annulment of June 12, 93 Presidential election.

Here are more photos from the visit.

Desperate things Nigerian politicians do for power part 1.