Tonto Dikeh Buys $5,000 Customized iPad Designed With 24 Carat Gold

tonto dikeh buys ipad

August 17, 2013 – Tonto Dikeh Buys $5,000 Customized iPad Designed With 24 Carat Gold

Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh who recently claims she changed her mind about killing herself is chopping life.

The actress has bought a brand new customized version of Apple iPad.

The custom built iPad by Malivelihood was designed with 24 carat gold and made exclusively for the popular poko babe.

The actress made this known via her instagram page with the caption :by @malivelihood luxury design 24CT GOLD IPAD for Mii

tonto dikeh $5000 iPad

Since her failed suicide attempt, the actress has gained more popularity.

Last week she did an interview on Cool FM where she discussed her battle with nagging suicidal thoughts among other issues.

20 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh Buys $5,000 Customized iPad Designed With 24 Carat Gold

  1. Tonto; why you keeping doing things, people will be putting their mouth on you. you outh to change dear b4 its too late 4 u..Abo oro la so fun omo lu abi bo ba de nu ee a do didi, gbam

  2. Live life as much as you can, youj will never live twice, Do not mind what others will say its impossible to excape from Evil mouth you know. Is you $ spend am—Lol—but also remember the poor sometimes.

  3. abeg dis girl ur mata don tire M̶̲̅ƺ,I don even tire 2 D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣γ̲̣̣ read ur news, U̶̲̥̅̊ 2 like notice M̶̲̅ƺ…GROW UP

  4. Is a free world my dear, spend spend and spend becoz na once person dey die ooooo, I even bought a gold chain and palm slippers for 52 million dollars. Last week

  5. Good! But don’t u think that there’s more to life than what u ‘ve just bought? CHANGE of ur life style of living is worth than that ok i pray God to make u be like babies who kn no evil about their fellow babies.

  6. Dis s ril nonsence,ur mates are busy buy houses,cars,doing investment.ur own is buying expensive phone.Tonto u need dlvrance.

  7. Well if u think dat all wat u are doing there is still time 4u 4gt it is a lie no wat u are doing u are no more a kid o n da gba si ni o ki n se omode mo ile obinrin o ki n pe tete su so gbo

  8. keep wasting your resources on things that doesn’t count all in the name of BIG GIRL….don’t forget no man we want to take a girl like you to an altar,they’ll see you as a prodigal human. wise up,nobody is interested in this things…..think of what something better you can do with your money if you have in excess. Or better still,give to motherless baby’s home,they’ll know u r contributing to other people’s life.

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