Tonto Dikeh Tried To Commit Suicide; How She Almost Killed Herself After Nollywood Movie Producers Dumped Her

tonto dikeh suicide attempt

August 12, 2013 – Tonto Dikeh Tried To Commit Suicide; How She Almost Killed Herself After Nigerian Movie Producers Dumped Her

Controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh is currently in a big emotional stress following the gradual collapse of the acting career she worked for over the years.

The actress who has started a downward trend in her career in Nollywood is currently battling a serious depression caused by loneliness and lack of career success.

Her attitude problem became evident last month after she called Mercy Johnson and her husband fools on Twitter.

Since then, she has experienced disfavour in the sight of many Nollywood movie lovers worldwide for her lack of courtesy when dealing with colleagues.

Tonto Dikeh called Mercy Johnson a fool for returning to work earlier than usual after giving birth to her baby girl Purity Ozioma in December.

The actress who said Nollywood brides marry horribly is yet to get any of her relationship working since her drug and alcoholism problem started last year.

Before attempting to commit suicide last week, she was on a movie set with movie director Chima Okoroji.

According to the director of African Pride movie, the actress caused commotion on the movie set last week. She reportedly fought her fellow colleagues like Ngozi Nwosu, Kenneth Okonkwo and others.

When she was called to order, she allegedly walked out on all of them (read the report details here).

The latest report from Tonto Dikeh‘s friends is that she attempted to kill herself last week following serious hopelessness in her career.

We learnt many Nollywood movie producers have decided to choose Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo or other stars over Tonto Dikeh due to her rudeness on set.

A Nollywood insider said it seems the movie producers have ganged up against her.

Sources say if not for the timely intervention of her friends last week, Tonto Dikeh would have died.

She took to her instagram profile few hours ago to brief fans on her suicide attempt.

Hear Tonto in her own words below;

“WokeUp happy n decided to share diz***I’ve bin here b4 n I can tell u we stronger Dan our problemz/painz/Etc**That day I realized SUICIDE iz for COWARDZ**if u’ve gat no1 to talk to like mii I suggezt u strt wit GOD,diz shitzzzz crazy(world) but it iz Ourz dnt leave it in SHAME”

According to a source, behind all the controversy she is generating is a woman who is trying to belong to a society she once belonged.

“She has lost most of her friends and advisers since she entered depression” – concludes the source.

May the Lord help us all to overcome the war of the mind.

Warning to Tonto Dikeh and others contemplating suicide

The bible says it’s appointed unto men to die once after which the judgement Hebrews chapter 9 verse 27.

If you commit suicide, you have committed murder.

Your life is not your own, it’s God’s property.

Suicide is never a solution to any problem in life.

Life’s burden are not meant to be carried by us that is why we have a loving heavenly father who is ever there for us.

Yes he is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

When others forsake you, Jesus will never forsake.

Jesus said come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthews 11:28.

I decree peace to your souls.

85 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh Tried To Commit Suicide; How She Almost Killed Herself After Nollywood Movie Producers Dumped Her

  1. Tonto iam a big fan of urs, I wuld hv love to hear the news….. I wuld hv drink battery, or drink jik, even dettol, there is big lorry everywhere u wuld hv run into 1 na


  3. its all clear that her rude,self exhortation and self pride has landed into Nebuchanazer’s wilderness of punishment.For pride goes b4 destruction,not only her,most of our celebrities are rude and proud.but i want to tell her that GOD IS MERCIFUL..SHE SHLD GO BACK TO HIM AND HER LIFE WILL BE FOR THE BEST..God opposes the proud and exalt the humble.

  4. My sis tonto Dikeh,jesus came for the lost sheep,he came so that u may have life,isa1 18. The lord said to u tonot come lets reason togetgher ,saith the lord ;though ur sin be as scarlet,they shall be as white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool . Pls go to a bible beliving church and give ur life to jesus and he willl see u through. I love u and God loves u most .

  5. u too fine nd u want 2 kill urself go die na, let me tell u marcy is beta dan u she married nd u are busy semoking nd drinking tatoo mama u dey show urself go die u go see ur mate there animal

  6. Repent dat is all. And if u keep misbehaving like dis, knw for sure no husband. Marry manner not beauty a beautiful woman is like an okra soup full of oil without salt. Thank u.

  7. Why dem no leave her to die, she’s so disgusting she should just die n leave people alone. She’s such a stupid attention seeking mother sucker. Die tonto please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bitch!!!!!!

  8. My dear u ve solved ur problem half way by realising it, now must take a bold step of faith by accepting chst into ur life, make ur self a worker in d church, get a bible boldly written and make dat bible ur new friend, den go back 2 dos u ve offended both in word and in action and ask 4 thier forgivness, let them see dis new light dat is now shining on u, then try and hate drinking and smoking and see how god will turn ur captivity, and u will be like dem dat dream, d love u once esperienced would kum back 2 u in folds. Remember christ died so u tonto could live. So my dear u are welcome to d new life im christ. Please fans lets learn to 4give and encourage her not condaim her cos all of us ve sined too. She might ve angered us wit her statments but 4givness is wat we should ve on her now pleasssssssssssssssss every 1. Remember a father beats and pushes his son away wit d left hand and also dras him back wit d right hand after a while.

  9. if ds did’t happen to her she will not change for better.what nollywood ogas do is will teach other stars a big lesson.tonto go nd beg for forgiveness fr all d plp u offend nd they ll surely forgive nd forget bcos Allah forgive nd forget our sin.

  10. tonto neva let al d death of jesus on d cross 4 u goes in vain al dis act of smoking,drinking nd al sought of misbehaving of urs let it stp. For d bible wat benefit a man dat gaind al dis wrld nd loose his soul, tonto jesus luv’s u nd He dnt wnt u 2 die n dis sinful wrld dat y he kpt u 4rm comitn sucide.

  11. noooooooo baby dnt do dat to urself pls cos u ar my one nd only nuba one actresss pls dnt do dis to hurt meeeee cos i love u so much

  12. The comments on this site says a lot about the state of mind and heart of Nigerians. Full of ignorant, hard hearted unfeeling, unsympathetic people. No wonder Nigeria is the way it is, no love for each other at all. Here is a young woman, who grew up without a mother’s influence. Anyone would find it a challenge to stay on the straight road in the acting industry, not to talk of someone with her background. What she needs is patience, love and guidance and mentorship both from family and peers and colleauges. We hear of much more worse from Hollywood stars but they are not abandoned no matter what. instead they get more love and support from their fans and peers and continous counselling. But when it comes to jealous, wicked minded bad belle, rotten belle Nigerians, na death them go wish person. Go get a job! make something of yourselves, losers! This is to those that wished her dead.

  13. Abeg make unah leav dat ANIMAL On HUMAN-Skin.,Dat 1 na her own wahala if she like make she jump in A full drum of ACID, dem no dey cry 4 person wey no dey ry 4 her self. pls just let dat DAUGTHER OF EXPIRED MARGOURT be….

  14. Wow! never realised how bitter Nigerians have become. really? i thought Nigerians are more civilised now! But it seems their minds are still as dark as in the dark ages. May God shine the light on them and forgive their evil thoughts. Wow! the world is moving on and preaching love and peace and here Nigerians are screaming b**ch and die….wow! ooogah o

  15. she is not in her normall sence . So disrepeactful very rude to man kind she can go to hell for all i care i hate all her films

  16. Tonto dikeh don kill urself 4 u ‘re 2 young 2 do dis. Tonto repeat&give ur life 2 GOD because with GOD all things er possible .i love tonto love 4 u is everlasting one.

  17. Tonto, u are a very good actress no doubt. I knw u must have felt so much pain to atempt to take ur own life. Its not the end of de world. we all have probs but suicide shld not be an option.Its a good thing u are alive. Plz make peace with ur colleagues and producers. hope to see ur new movies asap. Will pray 4 u.

  18. Baby sucide is not a solution to any challenging in life, remember that life is a place where people learn a lesson, if their is anything you know as your temptation you can not share with anybody, why can you come to everlastig father, king of glory JESUS CHRIST, and repent all your sin and departed from all your iniquiety my father is in heaven will forgive you and accept you as a genuie daughter and you wii start a new life, and you continue praying always and experience how maighty JESUS CHRIST is.

  19. Wot nonsense if nollywood producer live u mean say all don end? Cum to mi baby i’ll marry u. U knw now u re gud at blow jobs dats d reason i’ll marry u ok? U wan die dem tel u say burial ground no get space? Nonsense

  20. Tonto What is the matter. Fame is not what it’s cracked up to be. What is important: God, family and Godly and loving friends who are not in good times and bad. I have lived in america since i was a child. I too have been through alot. Like you i too lost my own mother at a young age. I want you to know that I understand you okay? But I want you to be strong like i have been though you are in the limelight. I know that it is not easy being in the public eye but I will be praying for you. I care.

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