Top 5 Marriage / Relationship Success Tips

relationship success tips

July 13, 2012 – Top 5 Marriage / Relationship Success Tips

Below are top 5 useful marriage / relationship success keys

Tip 1: Discover Your Spouse

Anybody who meets your spouse’s need has gotten the keys to his/her heart. Be it food, respect, attention, appreciation or just being nice to your spouse is something to watch.

Give him/her what they enjoy; this includes every aspect of the marriage-from bedroom to kitchen and even outside. Find time to discover what type of clothes your mate appreciates and go for it; look well and he/she will likely look your direction.

Tip 2: Celebrate Your Spouse

The most irritating things I’ve heard in relationships is “I married him/ her in darkness or error”. What I ask such people is ‘What do you want from a spouse?’ If you can say what you want, then create it; make it happen: work for money, make him/her beautiful, work on attitude and character, etc. Do everything possible to enjoy your choice; at the end of the day, he/she would be happy your paths crossed.

Don’t be afraid to make an impact in someone’s life; stop looking for ‘readymade meals’, they cost a fortune- sometimes your health, happiness or entire life. People are naturally wired to go where they are celebrated and welcome; if they feel important around you, they’ll glue to you.

Tip 3: Define Your Boundaries

Being an extrovert can be great especially if you are created that way but throwing yourself on everybody around and speaking without thinking is what should be watched.

Everyone is not supposed to know what goes on in your life. Sometimes they might not even proffer solution; you only end up exposing yourself and situation. Your spouse should be the best place to unleash your joy and pains. Do you know that sharing experiences bind people together?

Tip 4: Incorporate Contentment

You’ll forever meet nice people; ‘the beautiful ones are not yet born’. Just know that you cannot have the whole creation to yourself. Isn’t it? If you are not contented with what you have; even if they add the whole women/men in the world, you’ll still be looking out for others- probably attempt going to mars and get some aliens as well.

Tip 5: Be Decisive

•Take a decision: Humans have the capacity to do whatever they are determined to do. If you choose to be responsible and committed to your spouse; nothing can defeat you.

•Focus: Let your loved one be at the centre of every plan you make.

More Important Tips For Marriage Success

If you have distorted names in your contacts, speak to strangers with coded language, offer secret financial help, visit or have hidden holidays, etc you might not be too free from emotional infidelity.

You can relate with people but let your spouse be part of that relationship and if it’s a business contact, keep it at professional level. Doing what is right is not just to favour your spouse but you’ll be proud of yourself as a good example and the joy of living a clean life is nothing compared to the stress of telling bountiful lies to cover up dubious acts.

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