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Uche Ebere Agu: Patience Ozokwor Mama Gee Helped Me Join Nollywood, Why I Moved To Enugu

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Uche Ebere Agu: Patience Ozokwor Mama Gee Helped Me Join Nollywood, Why I Moved To Enugu

uche ebere agu

Nov 16, 2015 – Nigerian Actress Uche Ebere Agu: I Relocated To Enugu Because Of Heartbreak

Uche Ebere Agu: Patience Ozokwor Mama Gee Helped Me Join Nollywood, Why I Moved To Enugu

See excerpts from Nollywood actress Ebere Agu’s recent chat with Adaeze Amos

You studied International Relations and you opted for a career in acting. Who encouraged you to go into Nollywood?

I came into Nollywoood in 2013 through Patience Ozorkwo, fondly known as Mama Gee. She is my godmother in the movie industry. I have always had passion for acting from my childhood.

Though it hasn’t been easy for me in the movie world, patience and endurance matter a lot if you want to attain greater heights in life. Most importantly, I decided a long time to put God first in all that I do.

Who is your mentor?

Patience Ozokwo aka Mama Gee. I love her. Aside from the fact that she is my godmother in the movie industry, she is also my mentor. I wouldn’t forget to mention that I admire Ejiro Okurame, Genevieve Nnaji, Mercy Johnson Okojie and Browny Igbokwe. Then for the guys, I admire Zack Orji and many others.

What movies have you starred in?

They are ‘Mother and Son’, ‘The Vengeance’, ‘Heart of a Sister’, to mention but a few.

Which is the most challenging?

‘Mother and Son’ is very challenging because I carried AK47 rifle and was asked to smoke and drink some kind of mixture because it’s a ghetto kind of movie. And we had a little cult in the movie.
What thrills you most in what you are doing?

What thrills me most is just being me.

Can you relive your first time on a movie set?

It wasn’t easy the first time. When I started, I had to get used to it, the director would yell at me if I failed to do what he wanted. Today, I’m better.

What do you think can make you reject a movie script?

Nothing for now can make me reject a movie script

What kind of roles can you interpret with ease?

All! As an actress, I’m versatile and fully ready to interpret any role given to me because it’s my job and my best is required.

What lesson has life taught you?

Life has taught me to be humble and nice to people because my helper could be the person I least expected.

ebere agu biography

What’s your philosophy?

Nothing good comes easy.

You must have had a heart-break; what did you do to get out of the pain?

It wasn’t an easy experience for me but I had my family and friends around who cheered me up and encouraged me to have a change of environment. That was what motivated me to relocate to Enugu. I’m more focused on my career without any distraction.

Nollywood movies are now into real wacko romance, how daring are you in romance roles?

I can be damn daring. It’s all about being able to play into the character and giving them what they asked of me. To interpret well, that’s what my job requires

Who can you be paired with to interpret romance roles better?

For now, it’s Brownie Igbokwu because he’s my friend. I love the way he interprets his roles.

Can you act nude if it makes meaning to a movie and if the pay is good?

I won’t act nude but that depends on the kind of nudeness. Also, remember too that my body is the temple of God. I won’t defile it.

What words of advice do you have for scriptwriters, movie directors and producers?

They are doing well but they can do better to help promote Africa.

What’s your opinion about the fact that some movie producers would still do auditions after getting actors?

They often do that but in the long run when actors they had already selected disappoint them, they have no option than to call on the ones they had auditioned to come for the job. But even at that it’s not good and encouraging.

How do you remember legendary actors Liz Benson, Regina Askia and Barbara Soki?

They all have their different ways of interpretation. For instance, Liz Benson has been an ever young and glowing woman of God. She is one woman we have missed in Nollywood. I hope she would come back. She is ever calm in nature and welcoming. Regina Askia knows how to put action into her roles. I call her action lady. Her confidence while interpreting movie roles inspires me. Those days whenever I see her name in movies, I was always thrilled to watch because of her shape, beauty and elegance. Then, Barbara Soki has a good command of English. She speaks flawlessly. She is amazing.

Can you marry an actor?

I don’t have plans to marry an actor. But I admire couples in Nollywood. The like of Olu Jacob and Joke Silva, Zack Orji and Ngozi Orji. But for me, I won’t marry an actor because I’m a jealous lover. I can’t stand my hubby being regularly busy on movie sets. That won’t give us enough time to be with each other

What can you spend a fortune on?

Good phones and real human hair extensions. I also don’t mind spending good money to take care of my skin. I use good cream and soap that can make me glow. I come out looking sweet in whatever simple dress I wear.

What fashion item forms a larger part of your wardrobe?

Dresses! I’m a lover of gowns both short and long because they help to flaunt my shape. I also love to be on shorts because I have hot legs. In fact, I love the way gowns look on me, that’s my best outfit.

What part of your body can you flaunt proudly?

I love my butts. It’s not too big or small. My bum is just moderate and fits my body frame. I also love my legs. That is why I wear more of short gowns than long ones. God created me just the way he knows it’s best for me. For that, I’m ever grateful to Him.

What crazy thing had a male fan ever done to you?

The day a guy called me Pascaline, I was shy but he kept on insisting believing that I was Pascaline, one of the fast-rising actresses in Nollywood. It may be because we look alike. One day, the guy saw me and said he wanted to marry me. He was shouting it out, attracting people’s attention to me. That to me was crazy.

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  1. kelvin

    November 17, 2015 at 6:33 AM

    how can an old woman like this be single

    • Jojo

      November 17, 2015 at 1:58 PM

      @ Kelvin ,thank you .The fact that she is single is not even the problem but to talk about it as if she is still in her twenties is what I cannot comprehend . You are in your 50s madam , please stop making a fool of yourself .

  2. ify

    November 17, 2015 at 9:14 AM

    she is a married woman wt 4 kids. i know her very well..doing all she can to be among d big shots in nollywood but she cant. sleeps around while her husband roams around lagos so tattered.

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