Unity Message For Nigerians: Igbo, Hausa & Yoruba, Let There Be Peace By Dom Anyanwu

nigeria unity message

July 22, 2015 – Message Of Unity For Nigerians: Igbo, Hausa & Yoruba, Let There Be Peace By Dom Anyanwu

Let there be peace my people!!! Whether Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba!! Let there be peace!!

Why can’t you love one another and live in peace with one another? What kind of joy does it give you seeing your Hausa! Igbo or Yoruba brother being punished, marginalized or oppressed.

Where there is love peace is assured and where there is peace there you must see growth and development in all areas of life. Injustice and marginalization, in turn, breeds hate, grievances and lack of trust and eventually leads to war and disintegration.

If we must be together then it must be in peace for nature has made it in that way.

No peace no togetherness! For there to be togetherness established on lasting peace there must be a sincere extirpation of all forms of injustice against any tribe! !!!

The last stanzas of our national anthem expresses her golden dream of building a ” NATION WHERE PEACE AND JUSTICE SHALL REIGN” and our knowledge of “SOCIOLOGY” as an academic field of study teaches us that the only ground for every solid and pragmatic unity is the conventional ( communal) pursuit of one goal for the good and benefit of all. And the ground for disintegration of every unity and togetherness has always be the failure to meet a targeted goal.

Establishing on this theory now unmask the hidden sinister or vital force behind Nigeria socioeconomic stagnation, Political and religious crisis and socio-ethnic war( Biafraian war) squabbling and ceaseless effort for disintegration and cessation as seen in the case of our brothers Igbo.

All these problems gears towards an unmet goal for our togetherness being in building a ” NATION WHERE PEACE AND JUSTICE SHALL REIGN”.

Not until we sincerely make a U-turn to building Nigeria into a Nation where peace, Justice, equity, understanding, brotherly love and care for one another reigns which happens to be our common goal for togetherness then Nigeria shall remain andunfulfilled project and a shadow of itself.

Long live Hausa brothers! Long live Yoruba; our nations pride of ancient sculptures and crafts, Long live great Igbos of Nigeria; our nation’s pride of industry and enterprise! Long live all our other great sister tribes that form our great future and hope.

Long live Nigeria!

We are brothers let live in peace!

[By Dom Anyanwu, dom4savio@yahoo.com]

6 thoughts on “Unity Message For Nigerians: Igbo, Hausa & Yoruba, Let There Be Peace By Dom Anyanwu

  1. Is a poem wey this man was write o. He wanting to show me say he is dey two much. I follow to be poemer sef. See my own poem for peace.

    Hausa is say Igbo no go Yoruba.
    One way.
    But na for peace we go die from buba.
    One way.
    If Olu na your friend make you tell am aluba.
    Haf way.
    So that Amina go join Emeka for zoo vuba.
    Haf way.

    Is a sweet poem o. Thank you for you are read am.

  2. Nigeria can never unite. In a country when yoruba badmouth each other and igbo do the same

  3. Good job brother Dom Anyanwu for this posting. I’m one of those that believe in Nigeria as a nation where all Nigerians will have equal opportunity and rights. Our problem in Nigeria is not religious related, nor tribal differences, but corruption, mismanagement, looting,bad government, poor education, bad leaders, unpatriotic altitude, and lack of love and respect for each other. Only a foolish person thinks that his or her own tribe is better or has superiority over other tribes. That evil mentality amounts to great foolishness and absolute ignorance. God Almighty says in the Bible, “Behold all men are equal before me.” In Nigeria, there are hundreds of tribes or ethnic groups, but Yoruba, Hausa/Fulani,and Igbo formed the three largest groups by God design. And out of these three groups, we have seen president, vice-president, and Military Head of state emerged from them. Great Nnamdi Azikwe was the first President of Federal Republic of Nigeria just after the independent. Yoruba people did not get that opportunity until 35 years later when Obasanjo was elected president in 1999. General Ironsi became Nigerian Head of State far before a Yoruba man-General Obasanjo after General Murtala was killed in a bloody coup. Likewise, Hausa men have been elected president, vice president and Head of State in the same manner. This whole cries or noise about marginalization and oppression should be coming from those smaller minority groups in our beloved nation. However, OBJ broke the thread by imposing President Jonathan on then candidate Yaradua. The same OBJ campaigned vigorously for Jonathan to be reelected in 2011 against some powerful Nigerians from certain sections of the nation. I am saying this as a proud Yoruba man who doesn’t believe in disintegration and cessation of Nigeria. I’m not begging any group to remain forcefully in Nigeria, but the fact is that we are better off as Nigeria. For example, at a regional level when Nigeria was group into three regions each with each region governing herself with her own resources, the Western region led by former Chief Obafemi Awolowo outperformed the two other regions in term of trade and commerce, education, health care, telecommunications, and infrastructure. The first TV in Africa, free education just to mention a few are few of Awolowo achievement at the regional level. we are all better off as Nigeria living together peacefully and in harmony rather than breakup into various fashion because of hatred. If we work hard to sustain our young democracy, and practice good government free of corruption, mismanagement, and other fraud, Nigeria will become a true giant of Africa that we will all be proud of. I want to be called a Nigeria wherever I go and not something else. I believe in equal opportunity for all Nigeria regardless of his or tribe, culture, language, and religion. But this can only come through true democracy. Former President Jonathan is a living proof that democracy works while dictatorship is not a better option. Only in a democratic setting can a minority of minority man become our President. I believe in “One Nigeria” where our children children can proudly call their home. Once again, thank you brother Anyanwu for this article.

  4. Omokehinde you are truly a good nigerian with all what you wrote and I like you for that,if every nigerian think the same way you think I believed nigeria would have been a peaceful nation

  5. Story,Storrrryyyy………???Storyyy.the Name Nigeria is fake given by a white harlot Florence shor!
    my Question to Nigeria, is Marriage Between Biafrans and Contraption Country Called Nigeria by force. ..????????

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