Unity Message For Nigerians: Igbo, Hausa & Yoruba, Let There Be Peace By Dom Anyanwu

nigeria unity message

July 22, 2015 – Message Of Unity For Nigerians: Igbo, Hausa & Yoruba, Let There Be Peace By Dom Anyanwu

Let there be peace my people!!! Whether Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba!! Let there be peace!!

Why can’t you love one another and live in peace with one another? What kind of joy does it give you seeing your Hausa! Igbo or Yoruba brother being punished, marginalized or oppressed.

Where there is love peace is assured and where there is peace there you must see growth and development in all areas of life. Injustice and marginalization, in turn, breeds hate, grievances and lack of trust and eventually leads to war and disintegration.

If we must be together then it must be in peace for nature has made it in that way.

No peace no togetherness! For there to be togetherness established on lasting peace there must be a sincere extirpation of all forms of injustice against any tribe! !!!

The last stanzas of our national anthem expresses her golden dream of building a ” NATION WHERE PEACE AND JUSTICE SHALL REIGN” and our knowledge of “SOCIOLOGY” as an academic field of study teaches us that the only ground for every solid and pragmatic unity is the conventional ( communal) pursuit of one goal for the good and benefit of all. And the ground for disintegration of every unity and togetherness has always be the failure to meet a targeted goal.

Establishing on this theory now unmask the hidden sinister or vital force behind Nigeria socioeconomic stagnation, Political and religious crisis and socio-ethnic war( Biafraian war) squabbling and ceaseless effort for disintegration and cessation as seen in the case of our brothers Igbo.

All these problems gears towards an unmet goal for our togetherness being in building a ” NATION WHERE PEACE AND JUSTICE SHALL REIGN”.

Not until we sincerely make a U-turn to building Nigeria into a Nation where peace, Justice, equity, understanding, brotherly love and care for one another reigns which happens to be our common goal for togetherness then Nigeria shall remain andunfulfilled project and a shadow of itself.

Long live Hausa brothers! Long live Yoruba; our nations pride of ancient sculptures and crafts, Long live great Igbos of Nigeria; our nation’s pride of industry and enterprise! Long live all our other great sister tribes that form our great future and hope.

Long live Nigeria!

We are brothers let live in peace!

[By Dom Anyanwu, dom4savio@yahoo.com]